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It's taken just 18 weeks for the record to reach the milestone, and remains inside the UK Top 20 this week at Number Click here to see If I Can Dream's week-by-week chart run.

Can't Help Falling in Love (Elvis Presley cover) - Sterling Cottam, Mike Massé and Jeff Hall

This is an album that Elvis always really wanted to do and he would be so pleased to know that we have touched one million fans. I want to thank you with all my heart, helping us realise an unfulfilled dream. If I Can Dream gave Elvis at 12th UK Number 1 album and set a new chart record when it debuted at the top last November, giving him more chart-topping albums than any other male solo artist in UK chart history.

He's loved her his entire life.

AXELShe's my best friend, my everything. She's been the girl I've She's been the girl I've loved since I knew what that meant. I box-fight bloody-for a living, and at every fight she's there, cheering me on, being mine whether she knows View Product. Just finished 'Dreamwalking'. This true story is beautifully written with love.

Album Review of I Aubade by Elvis Perkins.

Audrey ChaconLoved it! While reading 'Dreamwalking' I was overcome with tears and laughter. Go East, Young Man. Go East, Young Man by Sinclair Lewis A brand-new collection of Sinclair Lewis's prolific body of short fiction, focusing on the author's primary concerns: the issue of class, work and money in America. We are delighted to publish this classic book L'Homme au parapluie ensoleille: The Man with the. Ce livre raconte une histoire authentique: comment un homme qui avait un parapluie jaune a The chosen people are in a mental and spiritual coma sound asleep.

Along with the churches which chose to anchor in those waters. Withal, the 21st Century is going to be interesting. Churches which have been used to controlling the culture are going to have to change into something resembling truly embattled discipleship or die. In this regard, it has always been amusing to me the one Church science fiction writers portray as being viable a millennium hence is the Catholic Church, notorious for not modifying its doctrines to follow the winds of popularity. Liberalism is what continues onward, which explains the dying of liberal Christianity.

Continuing onward means eventually leaving liberal Christianity completely. That could mean turning Unitarian Universalist, turning New Atheist, or leaving all labels behind to become completely secular or establishing oneself as an individual church with a uniquely individual theology. I am a Unitarian Universalist because I need a liberal sanctuary in a red state. The UUA is thriving in red states for that reason.

A Canticle For Elvis by A J Ragland, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

The church will continue in stasis but shrink as secularism becomes the dominant cultural milieu—which it already is by some measures. He has asked a lot of really interesting questions over the years and forced a lot of people to re-examine their beliefs from unexpected perspectives. How the dust ultimately settles, of course, is hard to predict.

The mainlines are just liberal dinosaurs, someone needs to certify them dead.

لا يوجد تقيي٠ات

What he was called to do — build up the church and increase it — he was a total failure at. Things are more polarized today, and there are more Evangelicals, but the turf he sought to change — culture and the mainline — has indeed been changed. The sad thing is he always seemed pathetic, but by the profile of the current culture he appears to have been prophetic. Jesus only could have been anti-abortion and disapproved of homossexuality.

That was the dominant mentality in Judaism of His time and its impossible to find any quotes in the Gospels to claim that Jesus would have approved of the death of unborn babies much less of immoral sexual behaviour. Spong dyes his hair…. A little bit of notoriety among ex-Christians, people who left the churches while he himself hung on to collect his pension, making his living trashing Christianity.

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