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Over the course of history, rising bread prices or the lack of availability have caused many incidents of civil insurrection.

The French Revolution, as well as other important revolutions and political changes, began because of bread shortages. The Arab Spring of started as a direct result of bread riots in Tunisia and Egypt, and it spread across the Middle East. Hungry people that depend on bread can cause dramatic changes in society and governments, and that is why wheat plays such an important role in the world. There are many different types of wheat grown around the world.

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The protein content in wheat can vary, and certain strains of wheat are better for making bread while others are more appropriate for pasta, cakes, cookies, cereals and other dietary staples. In years where supplies exceed demand, inventories grow, and the price tends to drop lower. In years where crop output suffers due to adverse weather conditions, supplies can become scarce, and the price rises. Those high prices led to the Arab Spring uprisings. Population growth has led the world to depend on bumper crops of wheat each year.

We have acres of cranberry vines. Our yield varies, but we average five million pounds a year. Ours is in the center of the state. I worked on the farm as a kid, but in high school I was interested in computer science, so I got a degree in the field at St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wis. Afterward, I worked at a software company and later started my own. When my wife and I started having children, we decided a farm was the ideal place to raise them, so in we returned home and joined my parents.

Looking back, I realize I had been drawn to software so I could improve some processes on our farm. I hope to sell it to other growers.

What's being harvested now?

Harvest season is from mid-September to the end of October. Agricultural Workers. Globalized Food Market. Air Traffic Controller. Predicting The Future. Keeping Las Vegas Moving.

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