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You can either set the book aside to finish later, or allow them to move about, color, or work on another quiet task as they listen to you finish reading the book aloud.

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An excellent way to get the most of alphabet books with this age group is to choose ABC books that involve action or engagement of some sort by have kids move or respond along with the book. Alphabet books that have a rhythm or rhyme for kids to focus in on will also help keep their attention.

For babies and toddlers it is also helpful to choose ABC books that relate to common vocabulary. Kids can learn to name everyday items as they also get exposure to the alphabet. The Spruce has a terrific example for making one. When reading alphabet books with preschoolers and kindergartners we shift more toward focusing on learning the alphabet. They are also excellent for helping little ones expand vocabulary.

homemade alphabet book: get personal with the abc’s

For this age group we often expand beyond naming everyday objects to more specific words and a wider variety of information. ABC books are also wonderful for exploring concepts of print. We can also help kids learn to count how many letters in a word to further reinforce the concept that words are made up of groups of letters.

When teaching with alphabet books we can also work on phonemic awareness and introduce the concept of beginning sounds. In Eat the Alphabet pictured above we see that there are many items listed for the letter B.

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As a follow up activity you can also choose a specific letter and brainstorm even more word that begin with the same sound. ABC Oceans. Animal Alphabet by DK Publishing.

This is a board book that has flaps that hid the animals and information about the animal that is just right for little ones. There are photos of the animals which is great for children as they learn what different animals look like. I love the close up of the wild animals and the simple layout of the book. You can use the glossary in the back of the book to find more information about each animal. In this book each letter is created by the animal.

The 50 best ABC books for kids - The Measured Mom

Young kids can guess the animal and letter and then pull the sliding page to see what letter the animal is in the shape of. ABC by Eric Carle. Eric Carle writes great books and this ABC book is no exception. I like the bright colors and how the pages fold out or up.

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This book does have a board book feel but the pages are thin and easy to move. I love the alphabet books that show photographs of the animals and this book has very colorful and bright pictures that feature rain forest animals for each letter.

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Each animal includes a few facts so your child can learn a bit more about the animal. Alphabet by Matthew Van Fleet. We love the Matthew Van Fleet books. His alphabet book is just as great as the others we own. Each page includes flaps, touch and feel or sliding parts. Animal Alphabet by Alex Lluch. There are several different styles of this same ABC book. One book has sliding parts and another has split pages you turn.

I like the way the animals were painted and that you can pick the style of book you and your child like best. A to Z by Sandra Boynton. A to Z is another alphabet book with silly pictures and great alliterations. It is also available as a board book. Almost an Animal Alphabet is a fun book that sometimes shows different types of an animal, for example, B is for Bear shows different types of bears.

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Details for different animals are unique and the pictures are silly at times. This alphabet books is different from the others on the list for a few reasons. They range in subject from collectible picture books and antique sports books to out-of-print magazine archives and more. And every day, thousands of books sell and thousands more are added from booksellers all over the world. A is for antiquarian , B is for beautiful , C is for collectible Nowadays the subject matter and accompanying art are typically childlike: toys, foods, animals and the like.

But in years gone by, alphabet books were a big thing, and the subject matter ranged from military, to transportation, sports, royalty, hunting and more.

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  7. Many of these alphabet books to teach the ABCs have become sought after and collectible. Enjoy some of the most beautiful old alphabet books for sale on AbeBooks.