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1. Understand assertiveness.

More able students were more assertive and confident and often used the teachers' suggestions as a starting point for their own changes. The candy stripes gave way to brown brickwork and the assertive winglike roof became an excessively modest double mansard with curious illuminated metal ribs attached. Here the conditional clause may be regarded as assertive. A more serious concern is the seemingly subjective assertive arguments that simply are not substantiated. I think there is a case for an assertive and coherent presentation of a psychosocial account of schizophrenia.

The writing is often assertive in style, demanding that women be given respect. This work does much to redress that picture and reveals a far more assertive and dynamic ruler. It also has the dimensions and structure of a symphony; with an assertive opening, slow movement, scherzo, and a summational and revelatory finale. Only one person considered conclusions to be insufficiently assertive. During their courtships, women were more defensive, men more assertive , so that gender is placed, again, at the core of her analysis.

One should be careful not to make too assertive generalizations with regard to banditry.

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Read More. New Words Whexit. September 23, But, where did it come from? RELATED WORDS firmness , willpower , resoluteness , resolve , determination , purpose , purposefulness , resolution , conclusiveness , vigor , strength , power , energy , vitality , vim , fierceness , intensity , vehemence , aggressiveness , might. Nearby words assentor , asser , assert , asserted , assertion , assertive , assertiveness training , assertoric , assertory , asses , asses' bridge. Examples from the Web for assertiveness When she tries to join a conversation between two men at dinner she is chastened for her assertiveness.

A Bed of Roses W. Assertiveness is a skill that anyone can learn. Some people confuse assertiveness with aggression and think that to assert yourself is to adopt a particular position in a disagreement, stand your ground and argue a point without compromise. Using direct communication can reduce conflict and enhance your personal and work relationships, and build your self-confidence. It is helpful to imagine assertiveness as the middle ground between aggression and passivity. By following a few simple suggestions, you can learn the skills to be more assertive in your relationships.

The advantages of assertive behaviour The use of aggressive behaviours, such as verbal or physical threats, may get you what you want in the short term, but your relationships will suffer. The advantages of using assertive behaviour in all dealings with others include: your needs, wants and feelings are more likely to be understood both parties are more likely to feel respected and heard the relationship is strengthened by the exchange you experience fewer negative conflicts and arguments you feel in control of your own life your confidence and self-esteem are enhanced you have a better chance of getting what you really want.

Learn Assertive Communication in Five Simple Steps

Assertive behaviour is a learned skill Like any other skill, assertiveness takes time to learn. Suggestions include: Decide that you want to be assertive rather than aggressive or passive. Commitment to change is a big step in the learning process. Think about a recent conflict where your needs, wants or feelings were not respected. Imagine how you could have handled it in a more assertive way.

Practise talking in an assertive way, alone or with a friend. Pay attention to your body language and verbal cues as well as the words you say. Respect the wants, needs and feelings of others, and accept that their viewpoints may be different to yours. Take a problem-solving approach to conflict, seeking solutions that will meet both sets of needs. Try to see the other person as someone you are working with, rather than against. Tell the other person honestly how you feel, without making accusations or trying to make them feel guilty.

Reduce Stress With Increased Assertiveness

Try hard to listen and understand their point of view. Ask the other person to show you the same respect and attention. Suggest to the other person that you brainstorm ways to solve the problem together. Suggestions for staying calm include: Breathe, and take your time to respond. Try not to take heat-of-the-moment criticisms to heart.

Remember that there may be other issues motivating their behaviour.


Teaching children to be assertive An assertive child is more likely to stand up for their rights in an appropriate way and less likely to be bullied. Suggestions include: Use assertive behaviour yourself so your child can learn from example. Explain the difference between assertiveness, aggression and passivity. Role-play typical scenarios with them so they can practise being assertive.

Notice whenever they handle a situation assertively and compliment them. Where to get help Your doctor — for referral to a suitable professional counsellor Your local community centre — for short courses or workshops Relationships Australia Victoria Tel. References 10 relationship tips for being more assertive [brochure], Relationships Australia, Victoria. More information here.

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