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Down South Camp Meeting

Darsey also writes wholly original works, for which he carefully selects texts and crafts music to explicate the author's embedded meaning. Thus far, these number some and fall into the forms of folk song settings, classical art songs and choral pieces, sacred songs and anthems, cantata's and one oratorio, with accompaniments ranging from a cappella to full orchestra. His compositional style, sometimes described as similar to that of Vaughan Williams, is melodic, imbued with historical technique, often modal and contrapuntal, and while influenced by Paul Hindemith and evolving toward bi-tonality, is always written with aural primacy.

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Information about these may be obtained by writing info meridianherald. This now complete, we support the dissemination of this and other of Mr.

At a Georgia Camp Meeting Sheet Music by Kerry Mills

Darsey's works. Please visit the links at right for more information on "Song of the Chattahoochee" and "The Marshes of Glynn.

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  7. Mills in New York, New York in This song has been known to my family for well over years. We knew it as a rather slow fiddle tune, and with only 2 parts. This is the first time I heard the chorus part, although I had heard there was one.

    Our family had a man blind since shortly after birth due to incorrect eye drops when first born. He could hear a music "piece played one time and play it immediately on the fiddle. His and our version was slower paced,, and about 60 years ago heard a round metallic large some 3 feet across diameter recording.

    At A Georgia Camp Meeting 1897

    The record surface was perforated, similar to that of the old piano rolls, that brushed across feelers that played a percussion style. This record played it at march time, same as those on this site.

    At a Georgia Camp Meeting scored for Saxophone 5/Piano

    We assumed it was associated with the Civil War era. Thanks for the memories. Melvin K Sanders Wed, Recently I started learning to play a tenor banjo and heard the song on Youtube. I would like to learn to play another of Mills' songs. Thank you.