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Relieved from assignment to the 88th Infantry Division on 28 May Activated 15 June in Austria. Withdrawn from allotment to the Reserves and allotted to the Regular Army 1 December Medal of Honor Robert E. Robert E. For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty. Roeder commanded his company in defense of the strategic Mount Battaglia. Shortly after the company had occupied the hill, the Germans launched the first of a series of determined counterattacks to regain this dominating height.

Completely exposed to ceaseless enemy artillery and small-arms fire, Capt. Roeder constantly circulated among his men, encouraging them and directing their defense against the persistent enemy. During the sixth counterattack, the enemy, by using flamethrowers and taking advantage of the fog, succeeded in overrunning the position Capt. Roeder led his men in a fierce battle at close quarters, to repulse the attack with heavy losses to the Germans.

The following morning, while the company was engaged in repulsing an enemy counterattack in force, Capt. Roeder was seriously wounded and rendered unconscious by shell fragments. He was carried to the company command post, where he regained consciousness. Refusing medical treatment, he insisted on rejoining his men although in a weakened condition, Capt.

Roeder dragged himself to the door of the command post and, picking up a rifle, braced himself in a sitting position. He began firing his weapon, shouted words of encouragement, and issued orders to his men. He personally killed 2 Germans before he himself was killed instantly by an exploding shell. Through Capt. Roeder's able and intrepid leadership his men held Mount Battaglia against the aggressive and fanatical enemy attempts to retake this important and strategic height.

His valorous performance is exemplary of the fighting spirit of the U. Medal of Honor Charles W. Charles W. For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty, on 12 May , near Mount Damiano, Italy. As 2d Lt. Shea and his company were advancing toward a hill occupied by the enemy, three enemy machineguns suddenly opened fire, inflicting heavy casualties upon the company and halting its advance.

Shea immediately moved forward to eliminate these machinegun nests in order to enable his company to continue its attack. The deadly hail of machinegun fire at first pinned him down, but, boldly continuing his advance, 2d Lt. Shea crept up to the first nest. Throwing several hand grenades, he forced the four enemy soldiers manning this position to surrender, and disarming them, he sent them to the rear. He then crawled to the second machinegun position, and after a short fire fight forced 2 more German soldiers to surrender.

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At this time, the third machinegun fired at him, and while deadly small arms fire pitted the earth around him, 2d Lt. Shea crawled toward the nest. Suddenly he stood up and rushed the emplacement and with well-directed fire from his rifle, he killed all three of the enemy machine gunners. Shea's display of personal valor was an inspiration to the officers and men of his company. Battaglia, Italy. The 2nd Battalion was assigned the mission of seizing and holding strategic Mt. For seven days, in the face of incessant and violent counterattacks by powerful enemy forces, which at times included elements of four divisions, this battalion clung tenaciously to its positions on the objective.

Each attack was preceded by artillery and mortar barrages and climaxed by bitter fire fights, use of flamethrowers by the enemy, hand-to-hand combat, bayonet charges, and grenade duels. The gallant officers and men of this battalion repulsed each attack with a marked display of fighting ability and teamwork. Evacuation of the wounded was extremely difficult because of the inclement weather conditions, the nature of the terrain, and the fact that the enemy artillery firing from the front and both flanks, covered every route of approach to Mt.

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Battaglia with a hail of fire. Nevertheless, all casualties were promptly evacuated by teams of litter bearers who courageously transported the wounded for long distances through artillery barrages to a point in the rear where further evacuation could be carried on by ambulances.

All supplies were brought to the battalion's positions by pack mules supplemented by carrying parties. On several occasions the ammunition supply became dangerously low, and when the men exhausted their hand grenades, they resorted to throwing rocks at the oncoming enemy.

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Though fighting under the most adverse battle conditions, the officers and men of this battalion displayed an indomitable spirit that refused to waver under the fiercest enemy attacks. The outstanding fighting ability and magnificent courage displayed by the 2nd Battalion, th Infantry Regiment are exemplary of the finest traditions of the Army of the United States. Bronze Star Medal. A Abbot, Jesse E. B Babec, John J. C Cabarrubia, Trinidad, Jr.

PH Cornelius, James S. D Daigle, Joseph B. E Earley, John H. F Faber, William A. PH Farrara, Francis W.

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G Gaffney, Edmund F. PH Grillo, Albert J. I Iannantuano, Joseph N. K Kadis, John J.

L Locasto, Anthony C. M MacDonald, Augustine G. N Nagle, Charles J. O Obarowski, Stephen V.

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Milton J. P Pabilionis, John J. R Rabeno, Charles J. S Sabo, John S. T Taake, Raymond W. U Ucko, Paul M. V Valdetero, Joseph W. W Walley, Robert P. Y Yeager, John J. Z Zaccagnino, Emilio L. Cemetery and Memorial Abbreviations. Date of Death. Mestas Magazines - Mestas Newspapers - Mt.

Top - Bottom. Santa Maria Infante. Mestas' Sister Nurse At Buckley. Renaming Official. Monument Pictures. German POW Camps.

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German POWs. Monthly Historical Narratives Jan.

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Historical Notes March Transmittal of Historical Notes March Notes On Movement July Operations Memo 2 July Part one of a four part twenty page monograph. S2 S3 Journal 1 October Jan. Headquarters 1st Battalion - History 1 December Jan.