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Moses appoints Joshua as the new leader of the Israelites as they continue their journey towards the Promised Land — the bronze serpent , Balaam and the ass and the blessing of Moses. It also includes the Battle of Jericho, the enormous walled city that Joshua eventually defeats and conquers. In the end, the Israelites finally reach the land of milk and honey and kill all the people living in the Promised Land — the Canaanites , Amorites , Hittites , Perizzites , Jebusites , Hivitites , Girgushites, and other heathen "ites" who do evil in the land of milk and honey.

Othniel , the first of many Judges , was sent by God to deliver them from Chushan-Rishathaim , the king of the Canaanites and the ruler of Mesopotamia. It narrates how he led them to a successful battle by calling out to God and how he was rewarded with the hand of Achsah , the daughter of Caleb, for his victory. Ehud , a judge sent by God, leads the Israelites and delivers them from the Moabites. He also kills King Eglon who was a very fat man with a double-edged sword by concealing it on his right thigh being left handed.

Deborah , a prophetess and a female judge, is sent by God to deliver Israel from the Canaanites. She summoned Barak to become the commander of her army and led the Israelites to overcome the armies from Canaan led by King Jabin and Sisera , their military commander.

Jephthah , a judge sent by God, was tasked with leading the Israelites and delivering them from the Ammonites. Before the battle, he made a vow to God about sacrificing the first thing to meet him should he return in triumph. It turned out to be his daughter and his only child. Later, he fights and defeats the jealous Ephraimites.

This tells the story of how Samuel became a judge and prophet of God. Hannah prayed to God and asked for a child. She gave birth to a son and called him Samuel. She offered him to be of service to God and he undergoes training under Eli , who is a judge in Israel. One important part in this story is when God speaks to Samuel and tells him of the judgment about to come on Eli's house because of his two corrupt sons. It also tells the story of how the Israelites were able to recapture the Ark of the Covenant from the Philistines. After their obedience to Samuel, the Israelites defeated the Philistines.

Also, he selects Saul and anoints him to become the first King of Israel after the people asked Samuel for a king. Then, King Saul leads the Israelites after their war against the Philistines begins once again. Samuel selects another king of Israel with God's guidance after he becomes displeased with King Saul. He particularly selects Jesse's youngest son, David, who works as a shepherd. Also, King Saul calls for David to play the harp for him and became friends with the king's children, Jonathan and Michal.

The Israelites and the Philistines go into war which particularly features the battle between David and Goliath, the giant from Gath who is the champion of the Philistines. David kills Goliath and gains popularity among the Israelites. King Saul becomes jealous of David's greater popularity among the Israelites. Then David leads the Israelites to another big victory against the Philistines and acquires Michal's hand in marriage as a reward.

King Saul tries to kill David but his best friend, Jonathan, helps him escape from the palace.


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King Saul continues to harbour feelings of envy towards David so he and his soldiers continue to pursue him. But in the end, the king and his son, Jonathan, are killed in their battle against the Philistines. After their death, David becomes the king of Israel and rules them for thirty-three years. While ruling, King David captures the city of Jerusalem , once held by the Jebusites. King David, however, commits the sin of adultery with Bathsheba and the sin of pride with the census. But God is merciful and makes a promise to David that one from his line will reign as king forever and his kingdom will have no end.

The story of King Solomon and his great wisdom.

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It also narrates how he makes judgement about two women arguing and claiming to be the mother of a baby; and when the Queen of Sheba visits him. Athaliah the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel , the sister of Ahaziah and Joram , her brothers, the sons of Ahab and Jezebel was Queen of Judah and she was known for her wickedness. Queen Athlaiah practiced idolatry, she had her husband King Jehoram of Judah lead the nation of Judah to evil and cruelty, and ordered the death of the entire extended family of her son King Ahaziah of Judah to put a stop on the worship of God. However, one grandson named Joash was rescued and raised in secret by the priest Jehoiada.

After six years, Jehoiada led a revolt to overthrow Queen Athaliah and the seven-year-old Joash became the new King of Judah. The story of King Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah. It narrates how the Israelites were able to free themselves from the Assyrians and the miraculous recovery of King Hezekiah from his illness and Hezekiah's rash display of the wealth in Jerusalem to the Babylonian ambassadors.

The prophet Isaiah tells Hezekiah because he has done this, the Babylonians will one day conquer Jerusalem and take everyone and everything away. Also, it is the final episode as Uri and Gizmo find Ruffles. The new trio — Chris, Joy, and Gizmo — find themselves at the Creation of the Earth and witness the glory of Heaven , the fall of Lucifer , Adam and Eve , and even the fall of man. Superbook then brings them back home before Satan the Devil , starts making Earth his kingdom and Chris apologizes for sneak peeking at his father's, a brilliant scientist's, work.

Superbook takes the Chris, Joy, and Gizmo to these biblical places to teach them wise lessons that they will use in life. Chris, Joy, and Gizmo are transported to the time of where Abraham's faith in God tested. Superbook then brings the kids home and they learn to keep their faith strong no matter what happens.

Chris, Joy, and Gizmo are transported to the time of Isaac in his old age and they witness Jacob trick Esau out of his birthright , an elderly Isaac blessing Jacob instead of Esau , Jacob fleeing from Esau and Jacob reuniting with his brother Esau. Superbook then teleports the kids back home where they learn to forgive others and to never deceive someone.

Chris, Joy and Gizmo are teleported back in time to the period the Israelites where enslaved at the Egyptians' hands , how God chose Moses to save Israel , confrontation of Moses to the Pharaoh , the Ten Plagues , the Passover , and the parting of the Red Sea. Superbook takes them back home and they learn to follow the Lord completely. Superbook brings them home and they learn to honor God by keeping his laws. Gizmo, Joy, and Chris are transported to the time when they witness Samuel 's prophecy and David killing Goliath.

Superbook teleports the kids back home where Chris has the courage to play guitar in front of a large crowd just as David had the courage to face a large enemy. When Chris finds it difficult to stand up for a boy harassed by a school bully , he, Joy, and Gizmo are transported to the time of Daniel who was under the reign of King Darius.

They witness three shrewd advisers planning to get rid of Daniel, King Darius agreeing to their plan, Daniel being thrown into the lion's den , and ultimately Daniel being spared from his fate. Chris then learns that it is important to stand up for the right even at the risk of your life and confronts the school bully to stop picking on the school boy. At Christmas Eve , when Chris thinks that the holiday of Christmas time is just about getting presents , Joy, and Gizmo are taken to the birth of Jesus by His parents , Mary and Joseph , and witness the shepherds arriving at the manger and the three wise men from the East coming to greet the new King with gifts.

Instead, it is about giving and what God gave to the world: His only Son. Satan the Devil appears in every scene and is watching Jesus. He declares that he and Jesus are far from through and that their battle has only begun. Satan the Devil is shown possessing Judas and watching as Judas betrays Jesus to the Pharisees and Sadducees who hate the Lord very much. Satan the Devil is seen watching Judas betray Jesus in the garden and is seen gloating over Jesus' death not knowing his reign over Earth had ended.

When a bad teen comes into Chris' life and Chris doesn't believe that there is hope for such a punk such as the kid, he, Joy, and Gizmo travel back to the time where the disciples of Jesus are being persecuted by sinister Saul of Tarsus.

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They witness Saul hunting down all Christians , Saul going to Damascus , Jesus appearing to Saul in a blinding light and Ananias restoring Saul's sight. Chris then learns that if an evil man like Saul can be changed that a rebellious teen can surely be changed and so Chris befriends the young kid. When Chris accidentally burns down his family's house and thinks that there is no forgiveness for something that big, Superbook takes he and his friends to the time of Revelation , but to test the faith of Chris, Joy and Gizmo, Superbook takes Chris to the field of Armageddon where Satan the Devil is rallying his demonic minions for the final battle and Superbook takes Joy and Gizmo to the island of Patmos where John , an old disciple of Jesus Christ, is learning about the future.

Meanwhile, Satan the Devil One finds Chris and takes on the form of Lucifer, a fallen angel evicted from God's presence. Satan as Lucifer tries to deceive Chris by telling him that the world is corrupt, there is no point in doing good and asking for forgiveness if God continued to make people's lives full of suffering. Chris forms suspicions in his mind about his new friend. Meanwhile, Joy and Gizmo talk to John about the future and John tells them Jesus is showing him these secrets to confirm his faith even while John is still on the Island. Soon, John tells the kids about the Holy Spirit and explains that Jesus gave it to His disciples and to them and they must use it by keeping their faith in Jesus Christ to the bitter end.

Then they are taken to Armageddon. Just as Chris is about to take the poisonous fruit, he sees through the deception and knows that the " angel " before him is the Devil the Enemy. Because of extreme anger, Satan's cover is blown and he reveals his true form. Then, Joy and Gizmo arrive and Satan causes massive ugly trees to appear out of the ground to separate Chris from his friends.

  1. Cain and Abel.
  2. TQFC Book 5: Shooting.
  3. Booboos True Story The Lil Crackhead Boy Returns To God.

Immediately, Satan transforms into a gigantic snake and attacks Chris, Joy and Gizmo. When the trio tries to escape, Satan's Demonic army appears and surrounds them. The monstrous Satan gloats that he has won. Suddenly, Jesus and His Angel army appears and beats Satan's army to death while Jesus finally destroys Satan for all eternity. Chris then learns that everything can be made new.

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Joy witnesses Sharon Myers stealing a bike and reports it to the principal. Jonah is running away from God because he doesn't think the people of Nineveh deserve God's mercy. Through Jonah's experiences, Joy realizes that mercy is a great gift to give as well as to receive. Chris has a very precise plan for how he is going to get what he wants; and he can't handle it when things don't go according to his own plan.

Superbook transports him back to ancient Egypt. As he watches Joseph rise from prisoner to governor of Egypt and gain a long lost bond with his brothers, Chris learns to forego his own plans and trust a little more in God's plans instead. Chris wrestles with making a moral decision between right and wrong, a decision Joy warns could get him in big trouble.

Superbook takes him and his friends back to Babylon during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar to meet Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego , 3 men who chose to obey God and trust Him for their protection no matter the cost. At school, Joy is not getting along with Becky a new student.