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When an arrogant man misjudges his next victim, he makes a "Deadly Miscue. The science star ship Lussufer Margo is alerted that a planet has been found in the far corner of the galaxy that has life on it, but one of the exploring team members has been infected with some sort of virus. In this haunted and terrifying sci-fi novel, the? Unknowingly, the ship? As the science team sleeps on their way to a new planet, a spike begins to protrude from Captain Crowl? The captain is relieved of command by the second in charge, civilian Science Officer Bell, an extremely competent female officer.

The ship becomes stranded near the barren planet after a hasty takeoff and is forced to call the U. Military for help. Eventually, the military ship and the Lussufer Margo become trapped within the planet, where they find both ancient and modern craft abducted from Earth. Will the Bermuda Beast continue to kill and infect at will, or will the survivors escape from this Bermuda Triangle of space?

If you could travel through time, what epic event would you pick to experience? His next adventure takes him to perhaps the most extraordinary event in history! Ben returns to the past to witness the death of the great prophet who was crucified on a cross. He video records the entire event, but Ben becomes trapped inside the tomb just before the body is laid to rest and is sealed inside for three days. What he witnesses is beyond belief! Read how the people of the world receive this information, and how this affects Ben and his mentor.

Ben travels to other momentous events in history that will keep readers enthralled. But it all begins with The Unveiling: Quest in Time.

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He looks up to her and she is his best friend. But when Lisa suddenly kills herself without explanation, Patrick finds himself spiraling downward into a whirlwind of blame and self doubt. Few individuals are more qualified to tell this story than Montgomery Granger, a citizen soldier, family man, dedicated educator, and Army Reserve medical officer involved in one of the most intriguing military missions of our time.

Saving Grace at Guantanamo Bay is about that historic experience, and it relates not only what it was like for Granger to live and work at Gitmo, but about the sacrifices made by him and his fellow Reservists serving around the world. Army Reserve Captain Montgomery Granger found himself the ranking Army Medical Department officer in a joint military operation like no other before it — taking care of terrorists and murderers just months after the horrors of September 11, In this moving memoir, Granger writes about his feelings of guilt, leaving his family and job back home, while in Guantanamo, he faces a myriad of torturous emotions and self-doubt, at once hating the inmates he is nonetheless duty bound to care for and protect.

Through long distance love, and much heartache, Granger finds a way to keep his sanity and dignity. Saving Grace at Guantanamo Bay is his story.

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A professional bagpiper with many funny experiences to write about, like playing in a nudist wedding and vampire nuptials. After visiting an auction Kevin and Ella discover a map in an old account book. They have to follow the clues that could lead them to treasure, but someone else is also on the trail. Who are they and how did they get to know?

He puts together an old cyber pet along with some microchips and accidentally makes a time machine.

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Follow the adventures of the twins as they travel back in history. This book has useful advice for healthy eating, cooking recipes, exercise and lovemaking.

Sonic Youth - Having Never Written A Note For Percussion (James Tenney)

Sarah founds a group home for previously institutionalized severely disabled adults who move into her start-up facility with little preparation for living in the outside world. Sarah finds herself drawn to John, an especially sensitive and gentle man who grew up in the institution never knowing his family. Through these vastly differing lenses, the reader experiences the world of those with disabilities in unexpected and intriguing ways.

A dictionary unlike any other, Dubious Definitions: A Dictionary of Misinterpretation is a clever, yet infuriatingly entertaining read. It provides totally unreliable, inaccurate, tortured meanings to over 1, unfortunate words through the use of cryptic stupidity, abused double entendre, as well as the rigorous application of a finely honed level of ignorance.

Dubious Definitions is the essential reference work for all those who love words and are content only with the most authoritative and soundly based interpretations.

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It is guaranteed to intrigue, puzzle, annoy, amuse, infuriate and mislead in generous portions, while still providing a challenge to the conventional viewpoint and a welcome diversion for the lateral thinker. Though often far-fetched, many of the meanings ring with a convincing aura of authenticity, which only adds to the satisfaction of untangling them.

The work is Dubious, at best! At one and twenty, Lady Angelica Fitzhugh, the youngest sibling of the Earl of Hillcrest, has been rusticating in rural Hampshire for two years. After her first Season, her betrothed managed only second place in a duel to the death just two days before their wedding. After two engagements and one wedding, the new Countess of Scarborough finds herself in a quandary. Angelica finds herself caught up in a series of thrilling, chilling and romantic adventures after her arrival at her new home in Australia. Otherwise Engaged is a purely delicious Victorian romance just waiting for the sparks to fly. The African Martyr is a satirical, tragic play that condemns every form of religious terrorism. The play reveals the number of lives destroyed throughout the world in the name of God. This play, therefore, becomes a piece that discourages hatred connected to religious differences.

The author of this work is balanced in the presentation of his play. His objective is to inform readers that all of mankind originates from a loving Creator, who also expects man to show love to one another. This is a drama that presents an African boy, Ben, who suddenly discovers that there are unnatural hidden forces holding humanity hostage. Out of his love and unquenchable passion for adventure, he takes the responsibility of liberating the world, beginning with his college campus.

Says the author, "What moved me to write this drama was the level of bloodshed in the name of God. I grew up to discover that the world has been divided by religion. Not simply that this division is restricted to the different ways by which human beings approach God, but the division has remained the outlet by which humans create terror.

The dramatic novel Good Evening, Vietnam is a love story interrupted by war. During his tour of duty in Vietnam, a young U. After his chopper is shot down, he is taken prisoner by the Vietcong. Under a POW exchange in , he returns to America, leaving behind his pregnant girlfriend. After the Vietcong take over Saigon, they imprison hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese who worked with the Americans, force others into the jungles, and denounce the children of U.

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  • Most of these abandoned children were left homeless, some became gangsters, and others joined bandit gangs. There he is robbed by a gang leader, who later looks at the wallet of the man he robbed, and finds a surprising photo. Good Evening, Vietnam is the stunning story of a reunion that was too long in coming. Adam Exx is in a packed commuter train going to work. As the carriage enters the underground city loop, everything stops.

    The lights go out, the train rolls to a halt. In the total darkness there? The girl sitting next to Adam won? There is no movement in the eerily quiet train. Is the problem with Adam or the passengers around him? As Adam? Where he is and what he is will never be the same again.

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    If you think you know how your world came to be, and if you assume that your surroundings are real, think again. In a thrilling start to the Adam Exx series, Genesis questions everything about Adam? Look what I found! But, being curious, I stayed. It would turn out to be one of those moments that could change your life forever.

    I can definitely say there was never a dull moment between us.

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    And this instance was definitely no exception. I could hear my aunt threatening that I would never play with Judi again. Would this be the end of our friendship? Suddenly I felt sick, and it was not just from the pain. The author and his wife travel America in their RV, reporting on earthquakes and tornados, 23 national parks, and many big cities. Each is forced to exercise and adhere to a strict controlled nutritional diet under medical supervision.

    At the onset, an extremely ambitious weight loss goal is set for each and the women are promised they will be freed once the goal is attained. The story traces the results of the weight loss spanning various periods from to days on the women and their families. Some of the family relationships do not last and others become strengthened.