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I guess, if I had read any other of her books, I might have been prepared for this kind of ending. This was my first read of hers and I completely and enthusiastically enjoyed it all the way to the last chapter, maybe last 2 chapters. The chara Here is an excellent venture into the mind of a writer and mind of a character interacting. The characters are so well developed the transitions seem to be transparent.

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Head hopping is not really noticeable. That is the mark of an excellent writer. Description is not overpowering, but so deft that the authors places you right in the scene. You're sitting on the sofa, or the in the garden, or in the car, or at the bistro drinking coffee while they story moves around you.

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In fact it gets to the point where you aren't sure who is the real deal and who is the character. The plot is quite intriguing, and the murder really isn't a murder--or is it really murder? You'll have to read to find out. This one is a keeper. Feb 28, Lydia rated it really liked it. Crossing The Lines is definitely a book I have never read before. It was different and confusing at times, but good different and confusing. I kept wanting to know more.

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Chapter after chapter it got harder to put the book down. I felt for both main characters and liked most of them. I thoroughly enjoyed this read though I was saddened by the ending. As I said, I felt for the main characters. Sulari Gentill is a great writer and I enjoyed the story and was intrigued enough Crossing The Lines is definitely a book I have never read before.

Sulari Gentill is a great writer and I enjoyed the story and was intrigued enough by it to want to read more of her work. Sep 06, Liz Filleul rated it it was amazing.


Really unusual and fascinating novel by Sulari Gentill, best known for her s historical mysteries featuring Rowland Sinclair. In Crossing the Lines, Gentill explores the blurring of reality and fiction in the life of crime writer Madeleine d'Leon, who is becoming obsessed with her literary writer turned sleuth Edward McGinnity. Or is it literary writer Edward McGinnity who's becoming obsessed with his crime writer creation Madeleine d'Leon? I'm going to be thinking about this book for a long Really unusual and fascinating novel by Sulari Gentill, best known for her s historical mysteries featuring Rowland Sinclair.

I'm going to be thinking about this book for a long time as I've absolutely no idea which of the two protagonists is meant to be real and which one fictitious. Very clever writing! This is the most intellectually satisfying book I've read in a while. The publisher really needed to employ a proofreader, though. It's testament to how compelling this book is that I wasn't distracted by typos the way I usually am.

Sep 13, Rebecca Freeborn rated it it was amazing. Such a clever book, and as a writer it was delightfully indulgent to read a book about writers writing about writers. Really enjoyed it. Dec 03, Vijaya added it. Jul 31, Mary Picken rated it it was amazing Shelves: crime. Sulari Gentill is awesome. Crossing The Lines is a difficult book to describe because it is meta-fiction. Madeleine is recovering from her latest miscarriage which has taken a physical and mental toll on her and caused a little distance between her and her physician husband, Hugh.

She has an idea for a new crime novel; this time featuring a writer of literary fiction and she calls him Edward McGinnity; Ned for short. Madeleine is not the kind of writer who meticulously plots her stories. Rather she likes to allow her stories to develop organically and for her characters to take the story in the direction it wants to go. Ned becomes involved in a criminal investigation when he is attending an exhibition created by his unrequited love, Willow.

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At this exhibition an art critic is killed and initially in defence of Willow, Ned begins to investigate. Edward is a bit of a loner; a man who, because he is suffering the pangs of unrequited love, submerges himself in writing introspective literary fiction. If all this sounds a bit pretentious, be assured it is anything but. This is a novel written with the lightest of touches. I really liked this book — it is imaginative, different and above all, beautifully written.

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I will certainly be seeking out her other works. Nov 20, MisterHobgoblin rated it it was amazing. Crossing The Lines is a strange novel - post-modern metafiction. We have a crime writer, Madeleine, writing about a literary fiction writer, Edward, who is in turn writing about a crime writer, Madeleine.

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Madeleine is having trouble breaking out of her genre and her publisher is not happy with her departure from her successful crime series. Edward finds himself under suspicion of pushing an art critic down the stairs to his death at an art exhibition. The two writers engage one another increasin Crossing The Lines is a strange novel - post-modern metafiction. The two writers engage one another increasingly deeply in their lives, each plotting the other into and out of impossible situations.

The circularity is very well done, with the reader never quite clear what is reality and what is plot; whether Madeleine or Edward is the real writer or the character. In truth, they are both the writer and the character at the same time, but with the plot effortlessly slipping from one reality to another. All this is punctuated heavily with writer in-jokes.

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The agents, the publishers and their insistence on writing being easily categorisable, the writers' festival with unequal queue lengths at the signing table, the crazy deadlines Plus, if anyone has ever known a writer they will recognise the wild lurches in plot as the writer changes ideas; minor characters morph into major ones; names change; Madeleine becomes Sri Lankan half way through the piece.

It is an absolute riot. On the debit side, though, the plot which is not really the main focus of the novel is quite hard to follow. In fact, that's an understatement. It is nigh on impossible to follow. But the individual fragments are so enjoyable that it hardly matters whether they really fit together.

And there's almost no realism except for the tortured minds of the writers.