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To prevent future kitchen clutter, organize those items you do use regularly so that everything is easily accessible. Dining room clutter is usually made up of items that drift in from other rooms. You may also have too much dining room furniture, especially if you downsized from a larger space or have fewer people living with you and visiting than in the past. If you have 10 chairs and never host more than four people, those extra chairs may now be functioning as clutter, and you might be better off without them.

Much like the dining room, the living room can collect things that people bring from elsewhere and forget to put away. Depending on how often you actually use your living room, you may find a variety of rarely used items cluttering up the space.

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This day is another wild card to allow for the quirks of your space and your life. Precious memories may fall into this category, if so, here are more tips on how to declutter sentimental items.

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  • With pets and plants come toys, food containers, tools, gloves, and other necessary and not so necessary accessories. You may have encountered some of these in your junk drawer or elsewhere, but today is the day to round up and sort out all the little things you reach for when something needs fixing: batteries, light bulbs, tools, user manuals, tape, screws, hooks, buttons, scissors, needles, thread, and other assorted household bits. Also check out your emergency supplies like flashlights, candles, and matches. You may not want to get rid of any of your art supplies, exercise equipment, DVDs, or souvenir refrigerator magnets.

    But you should go through it all anyway, because—despite your best intentions—collectibles and hobby equipment and supplies can quickly become unmanageable clutter. If so, consider gifting these items to family or friends or donating them to someone who will use and enjoy them. There are also tools to maximize your email enjoyment and productivity. You can also choose to expand this virtual decluttering to your contacts list, digital photos, documents, music, social media, or anything online that makes you feel overwhelmed.

    This last day also can serve as inspiration to declutter your physical environment further, or to move on to the next level of decluttering and revamp your schedule, the activities you participate in, and the people you choose to make time for. Once you start the decluttering process, it will become easier to manage the daily inflow of stuff—helping prevent the accumulation of new clutter and making your life run more smoothly overall.

    Take a break if you need to, and then pick a new month and begin again. Which types of household clutter do you find the most challenging to deal with? Have you created your own great strategies for managing the stuff that collects across our lives? Please share with us and other readers—both your successes and your ongoing clutter challenges—in the comments below. I inherited a house which I presently share with my aunt. The house contained the clutter from four generations of family who have occupied the home,.

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    • I am generation four. Another family dwelling, older than this was torn down after two generations lived in it, their descendants build this home. This process is time consuming, mind bending, involves strenuous labor, many headaches and a budget to spend on laborers who will haul things away. I am in my 6th month of refreshing, cleaning, repairing and throwing things away.

      The living room

      Not finished yet, but I really, really work on it. Gladys, thank you for providing this helpful information and sharing your experience.

      10 Clever Ways to Declutter Your Home - Decluttering and Organizing

      We hope you are enjoying your new space! We downsized 12 years ago and 3 years ago started looking for Assisted Living places. Didn't like some, others had no rooms available. Then 6 months ago my health status deteriorated and my husband showed signs of dementia. Our kids and spouses, got involved and helped look. By the time we found it, I was incapable physically to go through everything and my husband was also not able to do too much.

      I tell this as a cautionary tale. I have the most wonderful family-they have taken, sold, given away the whole house full of stuff. They are still working on antiques and they moved furniture, wall hangings, paintings to our new rooms. My husband had to move to Memory Care so they then furnished his room. They are having painting and other things done and will put it on the market. I am 81, my husband is 83, so I suggest thinking ahead if you are heading into old age.

      Please send this declutter reprt to my email.

      The Busy Person’s Guide to Staging Your House (the Easy Way)

      I've been at this for a couple of years, but keep getting overwhelmed and taking breaks. It's OK to take breaks, just don't lose your focus.

      I found out that Animal Humane, here at least, can take many medical supplies. This includes human medications that have not expired, excluding narcotics. Many human meds can be used by animals, but in different doses. Anything they can't use, they have the means to dispose of. They were excited to receive the IV stands, too. So, there's an avenue that might be helpful for some. Regarding boxes and albums of photos from a lifetime: I've been tackling this and here's what works for me so far. Childhood school photos of nieces and nephews - on their adult birthdays I make a collage card and send back to them on their birthdays.

      Family photos are the hardest - with 4 siblings who probably don't have the photos I have, I make copies for them and mark on the back of my original who I sent to. And regarding this, follow the advice of one of the commenters, note on back who, what, where and when. Surprising how many of us can't remember Aunt Em's name or even know who that person is! I decided I am not moving back and neither is my daughter.

      The most common issues standing between you and an organised home

      I decided that on my vacation I will be going through his stuff and get rid of what we can donate, junk it or ship it. I will start with garage first. AND he keeps buying more stuff. We are sorry for your loss, J. We hope our article helps you take one room at a time. If you are moving and downsizing, this article can be helpful for decluttering as well.

      My husband recently passed and I cleaned out his clothing and personal things. Now, after 50 yrs in the same home it is time for me to clean out mine That is scary, as I have lots of "pretty things". I have one daughter who is a minimalist and says get rid of LOTS and one who, like me, likes "pretties" and wants the pleasure of going through everything when I too pass, to relive the memories.

      So, I decided I will use your formula and work on one room at a time and leave the unneeded items on a table and they have 2 weeks to decide if they want them. After that they go to charity or a garage sale. Any other good ideas please post! My thoughts on decluttering photos and such. I have well over 11, photos on my phone, several albums of world travels and many, many shoe boxes, plastic totes, envelopes full of photos along with many framed photos. My older sister suggested to me that she is in the process of culling her old photos and depending on who is in the photo, placing the photos into an envelope to pass on to that person.

      For the photos with multiple people in it, she will give to the head of that family. When it comes to travel photos, you just do not need 10 or more photos of the same mountain or beach etc and some you probably no longer recognize where the photo was taken. Most of the enjoyment probably came from the visit and that cannot be replaced. Good luck. Great article! As an owner of a flea market, a few hints. Lot of people contact us or come by with items they would like to sell from downsizing. You can make a little money and those items will become a "treasure" for someone else.


      No landfill needed. If they are extra precious items, but you still want or need to part with the item, I recommend taking a photo before letting the item go. Photos mean a lot and you can still show and share the memory with others. I have been doing this for the past 3 months. I have a very small apt. I decided to get rid of what I was not using because I don't want to leave that for my children. I am 85 so need to stay clutter free. My problems are getting rid of gifts my kids and grandchildren have given me.


      None of them live near me and probably don't remember what they gave me. How can i justify letting them go in my heart?

      The Busy Person's Guide to Staging Your House (the Easy Way) - Mama and More

      I'm going to post this on the fridge. I'm sure it will take us about days but it WILL get done. How very timely! I started this project about 6 weeks ago.