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What moves or stops you.

The Essence Of Life Quotes (16 quotes)

What makes you you is you. They had better take to some other profession as quickly as may be, they are only making a sure thing of disappointment, only crowding the narrow gates of fortune and fame. Yet there are others to whom success, though easily within their reach, does not seem a thing to be grasped at. He died young, unaccepted by the world, unheard of, uncomplaining, soon after writing his latest song on the first grey hairs of the lady whom he loved. And she, Miss Alison Dunlop, died also, a year ago, leaving a little work newly published, Anent Old Edinburgh, in which is briefly told the story of her life.

There can hardly be a true tale more brave and honourable, for those two were eminently qualified to shine, with a clear and modest radiance, in letters. Both had a touch of poetry, Mr. Davidson left a few genuine poems, both had humour, knowledge, patience, industry, and literary conscientiousness.

No success came to them, they did not even seek it, though it was easily within the reach of their powers.

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Yet none can call them failures, leaving, as they did, the fragrance of honourable and uncomplaining lives, and such brief records of these as to delight, and console and encourage us all. They bequeath to us the spectacle of a real triumph far beyond the petty gains of money or of applause, the spectacle of lives made happy by literature, unvexed by notoriety, unfretted by envy. What we call success could never have yielded them so much, for the ways of authorship are dusty and stony, and the stones are only too handy for throwing at the few that, deservedly or undeservedly, make a name, and therewith about one-tenth of the wealth which is ungrudged to physicians, or barristers, or stock-brokers, or dentists, or electricians.

If literature and occupation with letters were not its own reward, truly they who seem to succeed might envy those who fail. It is not wealth that they win, as fortunate men in other professions count wealth; it is not rank nor fashion that come to their call nor come to call on them. Their success is to be let dwell with their own fancies, or with the imaginations of others far greater than themselves; their success is this living in fantasy, a little remote from the hubbub and the contests of the world.

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They may well be content, and thrice content, with their lot, yet it is not a lot which should provoke envy, nor be coveted by ambition. Let it be a footprint that though you were not knocked down by failure! Let it be a footprint that you were stronger than life hurdles!

The internal combustion engine was invented and developed for a variety of industrial purposes before its widespread use for transportation was realistically envisaged.

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It took half a century before petrol-driven cars became a consumer good and a universal want, and eventually a universal need. Similar new wants that may become needs, from mobile phones to electronic books, have been and are constantly being created by the development of digital communication technology. The logical outcome of this process is the commodification of everything, unless political or social barriers prevent it.

With the advent of global capitalism, and in the absence of a global state, no such mechanism is in sight. But more often the obstacles are overcome, circumvented or removed, as in the successful patenting of individual genes and viruses by profit-oriented researchers, or the often violent privatisation of the Brazilian rain forest and common lands [pdf] in many parts of the world from Bangladesh to Colombia.

When the commodification of all of nature including human nature — our dreams and fears, as well as our genes becomes so familiar as to be seen as normal, few effective limits to commodification will remain.

What is the true essence of life?

The process has already gone very far. Not only have farmland and fresh water supplies been commodified, but also parts of the oceans through the creation and sale of exclusive fishing and drilling rights , and even air itself carbon trading is - in theory - a market for fresher air. Even the functions of the state are being commodified: not just the provision of public goods and services, such as electricity and airport operations, but activities hitherto seen as quintessentially public, such as prisons and policing, and even including core responsibilities like policy.

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Policy-formulation is contracted out to think tanks, foundations and management consultancies; publicly-collected data is entrusted to private companies to keep and sell. The commodification of much house-work through the substitution of labour-saving household equipment was initially driven by the demand for married women to work in the wage labour force during two world wars. The commodification of leisure, in the form of film and TV, music and video games, is driven by the availability of technology that has allowed entrepreneurs to create new tastes and wants. Understanding what has precipitated any particular case of commodification can be important for determining whether it is likely to be durable, or to have multiplier effects, or to be displaced by some other kind of commodity, or whether it can be modified through public policy.

But such questions about causes are most likely to be prompted in the first place by the consequences — the impact that every instance of commodification has for social, cultural, economic and political life. The feminist political economist of labour, Ursula Huws , has shown how commodification involves a cycle of job destruction and job replacement. The invention of motor cars displaced workers from coach-building but created jobs in car manufacture.

As car manufacturers substituted mass production technology for manual labour, jobs were lost in car-making but created in the production of services needed for mass production — layers of management, design, research and development, accounting, record-keeping, advertising, marketing, finance and insurance, legal services.

These in turn were industrialised and commodified, again displacing clerks, managers, accountants, etc, but creating new jobs in information technology, computer-assisted design, call centres, financial management. The social consequences of this process are destabilising. Often there is a gender impact in Europe work done by men has often been replaced by other kinds of work done by women , or an impact on income distribution and social solidarity secure jobs with benefits are replaced by precarious work without them and so on.


But employment effects are far from being the only important ones. The commodification of agriculture leads to factory farming, extreme concentration of livestock and an increased risk of epidemics. The commodification of fishing leads to the exhaustion of stocks. The commodification of eating involves a big increase in the consumption of take-away meals, fewer family meals, and children often no longer learning how to cook, or knowing what constitutes a healthy diet, leading in turn to obesity and other serious health problems.

The ESSENCE of Adolescence

One result of the commodification of entertainment transforms creative leisure activity into passive and private consumption - solitary hours spent playing computer games, with complex social and cultural consequences. The consequences of commodification in the public sphere are critical for our time. These norms are supposed to be embodied above all in the state and its agencies.

Art, alone, has the power to save our virtues.

The Values-Driven Life: Let Go of Your Rules and Live with Purpose

People must increase their awareness regarding art and explore and read the art and the visions of artists. Artists always create works which relate to society and culture en masse. It depends on individual thought as to what was actually visualized. Art serves as communication for the improvement of social relationships through greater understanding of human experience.

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. Art is not just colors or thoughtless decoration. It is the feelings and emotions of artists who created works drawn from their souls with intentional meaning. The viewing public can then see and gain insights by seeing their own lives in it and find solutions as well.

Ascetics is just one of the principles of art. Yet, what is pleasing to one person is not the same to another.