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We find support for our hypotheses using data on the Islamic banking industry in 12 countries — Published online 22 August Published in print 1 August We would like to thank Associate Editor Pursey Heugens and the three anonymous reviewers for their excellent suggestions and guidance. Lionel Paolella Search for more papers by this author. Kamal Munir University of Cambridge Search for more papers by this author.

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Advanced Search. Slowly they became friends but Holly always hid her true feelings because she didn't want to ruin their friendship. It's obvious that Holly still has feelings for Liam and I was intrigued as to why he felt the need to leave their group and move to Canberra. Another complication for Holly is her relationship with her co-worker, Nick. Nick's a registered nurse, one of only a few to work in her department and they spend almost every day together. While Holly loves Tim, she connects with Nick in a different way, they share the same sense of humour and have nick names for each other, Nicolarse and Hollier-Than-Thou.

As Holly's relationship with Tim slowly starts to show some cracks, she starts to wonder about Nick and what it means for her future with Tim. Both of her relationships with these guys had a very sexy feel, with Tim it's because they are, or were, in love and Nick because of the flirting between them and his affection for her. Holier Than Thou will be a book that so many people will be able to relate to, especially older teens and adults in their twenties.

It's definitely a book that fits into the new genre of new adult and it's one genre that I want to see more of and soon. Holly finds that her friends are drifting away from her and the more they slip the tighter she tries to hold on. She keeps scheduling drinks and brunch but quickly becomes annoys when everyone is too busy to attend or they show up but bring along work colleagues. This is definitely something that occurs post-high school and university. People who you used to be close to start growing into different people and they're not necessarily people you are going to need to get throughout the rest of your life and I think Holly began to realise this as the year progressed.

Metallica: Holier Than Thou (El Paso, TX - February 28, 2019)

I am sure a lot of people will relate to the idea of thinking you have your whole life planned out only to find you soon change your mind about your career or partner. Another strong aspect of the story was Holly's relationship with her mum, it was heartbreaking and moved me to tears. Holly has always felt that her mother didn't want her and she knows that she didn't spend a lot of time with her as a baby, especially as she was born prematurely and spent time in intensive care.


Then her younger brother came along and he was showered with love and attention from their mum. I felt for Holly, having to grow up thinking that her mother didn't love her and then losing her dad who she was close to.

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  • One of my favourite things about this novel is the setting of Sydney. I also enjoyed the pop cultural references such as the bands Holly listened to silverchair, Kings of Leon, Claire Bowditch and Interpol as well the mention of Looking for Alibrandi and Gallipoli. Now onto the ending, I wasn't expecting it to be left so open ended and I have so many questions for Laura.