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You both read the title of the post, correct?

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And there is absolutely zero judgement in her post. If you felt badly or guilty as a result of this post, that is something you put on yourselves. If you read it and enjoyed it, that is your choice. I am with the author with the sadness that these types of books and situations are considered mainstream and normal. Fictional novels that are centered around love, romance, sex etc. I read your reply as well and I have heard very similar things from friends of mine. Like all addictions, it becomes a problem when a person is compelled to use an object to fulfill a deeper emotional need.

Not all readers of the romance genre are addicted to it but some are and I feel as though they should be prayed for…pretty much in the same way that I would pray for a person who is trying to recover from a meth addition.

Stolen Child

Veronica, I want to clarify that this was not a book review in the terms that you mean. I want to draw out a few things that you mentioned as means of clarifying for both of us. That was certainly not my intent. I welcome an example for me to evaluate. As for the women of faith expressing love, I agree totally.

As for women of faith expressing acceptance of others choices I disagree. Jesus can be found challenging choices and viewpoints all throughout his life. Proverbs is full of exhortations for the faithful wounds of a friend.

Vain Promises of Change

My readers are my friends, and they have come to trust my words and opinions. This post was not meant to be a condemnation, but an aid to making informative choices. If you are a woman, specifically a Christian woman, and you have read these books, I want to offer you grace. Christ gives us hope to overcome any and all addictions! There is grace available and for that I am grateful. Grace alone comes from the sinless, holy and merciful God. His presence is what changed people…he was alive for years and we can read what has been preserved of His spoken words in less than 2 hours.

Jesus spent an enormous amount of his time socializing with sinners and enjoying their company and becoming their friend, not just their God. It is vitally important that we not breed hate and intolerance because it only breeds more hate and intolerance and consequently that hate gets directed at us, the body of Christ. My post was not directed at unbelievers, but believers. I cannot expect one who does not have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to have any reason to deny this line of fiction. To imply that was I passing judgment on an unbeliever is, I think, wrong.

But this post was a call to believers, a warning to heed, a thought to ponder as you evaluate your stance on this book and other books like them. I really have to disagree about having to read a book to warn against reading it. I think that kind of defeats the purpose. While I really just thought Twilight was dumb and I did read those , this book is just inappropriate in so many ways.

PDF Intentional Warriors: Fighting For Purity And Freedom In A Sexually Saturated Society

If a man was watching what women are reading in these books, we would be sooo hurt and angry. Why are women getting a pass on it?? You make a great point, and very true. This is one of the main arguments from many on this book. I think there is something to be said for that.

Its certainly not harmless. Thanks for your comment. I look forward to reading your post tomorrow. I have not read the books either but I know enough about them to form an opinion and warn others not to read them. I also would not be judgmental of the people speeding toward certain harm. Love is not just being warm and fuzzy. This is why God has set boundaries about sex — not because He is trying to be unloving but because He loves us way too much to let us settle for a destructive counterfeit!

I started reading them not knowing about the sexual parts, I just had heard they were good books. So, thanks for basically condemning me to hell for liking the books. I know, terrible boyfriend for looking after her health right? And he never told her how she should groom herself.

She did that on her own.

How to Pray Effectively over Lust in My Life - Hope Joy in Christ

And, the books actually made me look at my relationship and how I should be more willing to forgive my husband when he screws up. This man was sick, yes. Please, keep your comments to yourself unless you are fully informed…. I did take my information from around the web. Hi there, I would love for you to read my comment above and check out a comment that was left on my blog. Pornography is defined as printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than emotional feelings.

I have not read the book nor will I ever. Last time I checked, pornography was a sin. We are not obligated to accept everything anyone does because we all have to be happy and coexist. Leigh Ann does not have to keep her comments to herself, no more than you do. Her post is not a book review and no where does it state that it is.

Intentional Warriors: Fighting For Purity And Freedom In A Sexually Saturated Society

She also in no way condems anyone, but simply encourages Christians to make the morally sound decision to avoid smut that is sinful and promotes and glamorizes sinful acts. Sex is not a toy or a game for a playroom nor is it a utility. You can read the books and do as you please, and by the same token others can decide not to read the books and try to encourage like minded Christians to do the same.

Two way street.

Reader Interactions

We are all called to make morally sound choices and help encourage others to do the same. Well done, Leigh Ann! Thank you for having the courage to post this!! The closer we get to the 2nd coming of Jesus — the more we see this happening. I think this [the book] is a prime example of something being evil that is called good. It is not okay and I think that you are showing love to your readers for making this known. If it were easy to follow Christ it would not be a narrow path.

Thank you, Dusti. As always, I value your input.