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Tap it to take a picture. If you prefer the Back button on the right, and Recent apps on the left, you can swap the default order. To play music or other audio on two Bluetooth devices -- like headphones or speakers -- find Bluetooth in the settings make sure Bluetooth is on , press the menu button and select "Dual audio.

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Dig into the navigation menu to skip the lock screen when you press the home button while the screen is off. Long-press an app icon to launch various shortcuts yes, we know this is part of Android Nougat, and it also mimics Apple's 3D Touch. Samsung Health has a new tab called Experts. If you subscribe to a service, provided by Amwell, you can contact a doctor at any time.

If you're signed up, you can tell the physician what's bothering you and get a consultation from the phone.

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Samsung's had this for a long time, but it looks different now. Turn it on and you can shrink the screen at any time it doesn't have to shrink right away. You can either swipe diagonally or press the home button three times to shrink the screen. The settings gear you see makes it easy to switch back.

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I can't get over the irony. We've spent so much time getting away from tiny screens, yet we sometimes want to go back. Also, everything in this mode looks adorable.

Look closely and you can see a thin blue line around the screen edge. Some notifications trigger this subtle display, but look fast! The previous model had a standalone gaming mode and battery optimizer, but this setting is new to the Galaxy S8. Galaxy Note fans already know that they love Galaxy Note phones, so the main question is whether they should upgrade to the Note The Galaxy Note 10 is the best in the series.

Of course it is — every new Note that came after your own model is the best in the series. The Note 10 runs on the latest and fastest chips, has the biggest screen, and comes with a few minor updates. There are a couple meaningful updates in the Galaxy Note 10 that I'm sure previous Galaxy Note owners wish they had: the ability to convert handwritten notes into text, and the ability to search through your notes using keywords.

Otherwise, Note 9, or even Note 8 owners don't have too many reasons to upgrade.

The update mentioned above is great, but getting the Note 10 just because of those new features seems a little expensive and drastic. Regardless, the choice to upgrade from whatever you have now is yours at the end of the day. Galaxy Note newcomers may be lured by the flashy Note 10 "Aura Glow" photos that are all over the internet. For those potential buyers, here's what you need to know: It's the most "Android" phone there is.

The Android operating system is maleable, and Samsung takes full advantage of that core Android feature with the Note The company has customized Android to do things that other phones can't, not even Google's own Pixels. As a result, the Galaxy Note 10 is a veritable powerhouse productivity machine with its massive 6.

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If you ever waited to do something on a laptop because your smartphone's screen is too small for that task, and your finger taps too inaccurate and clunky, you might want to take a look at the Galaxy Note Really, the key here is the giant screen and the S Pen. The screen gives you more comfortable visibility for what you're doing, and the S Pen gives you that pinpoint accuracy to do more intricate things. And the features that are enabled by the S Pen are a result of Samsung's own customization of Android, not Google's. It's not a bad price for such a versatile device. At this point, I've spent a little over a week using the Galaxy Note The same key combination as most Android phones still applies — volume down and the power button — but instead of holding them down, you must simply press them and let go.

You did it! This leaves you having to shut down the phone via a software key in the notification shade. Thankfully, you can eliminate Bixby from this equation, and have the power button open the shutdown menu from a long-press instead. In the same menu, you can choose to change the double-press action from a camera shortcut to one for Bixby or any other installed app. This scans through installed apps, settings, files, your calendar, gallery, Spotify, and the Play Store, for relevant matches to your query, offering an option to search on Google, as well.

All the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus tips and tricks you need

Pop-up view takes advantage of your large screen and makes select notifications more easily interactive. You can do this only for select apps or enable it for all of them. The Edge Panel is one of those things you may forget until you find yourself wishing you had a quick shortcut to frequently used apps or functions. Tap and slide this out to open the panel, where you can access these shortcuts or customize them.