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So we look forward to being able to worship and welcome in a warm church this winter.

Reinhard Bonnke & Samuel Rees Howells - Life Lessons - Walking By Faith - A Man of Faith

The date for your diaries is 3rd November and will again take place in the Guywood Centre. To encourage young folk and families to join in we intend to start at 6. More details later. Ken Earith. New Wine Teaching from on CD for free!

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We have been given a set of discs with the whole teaching from New Wine , which you can borrow. Please make cheques payable to The Wellspring Stockport. The week ahead…. Jesus faced the Devil in the wilderness. Paul says "we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities Praying for those under demonic influence.

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I confess the sins of my parents and ancestors. Ex Particularly those involving participation in idol worship, magic, sorcery, witchcraft and the occult including some Lodges. I renounce all the works of the Devil Leviticus , Deut , 25 , Acts , Gal I ask God to cleanse me completely from sin through the powerful work of the blood of Jesus Christ 1 John I give back to God any ground in my life that Satan may have had control of and place myself completely under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

I also ask Jesus to fill me completely with the Holy Spirit Acts , Ephesians and to break all bondages of Satan in my life Jn and remove all blindness from my heart 2Cor ,4 Eph ,18 , 1Jn I take my authority as a son of God John 1;1 knowing that one day I shall judge angels 1 Cor and that I am raised up with Christ and seated with Him in heavenly realms Eph far above all authority in heaven and on earth.

Eph , In the name of Jesus who holds all authority in heaven and on earth Matthew I command Satan and all his hosts to depart from me, my family and my house to the place God has appointed for them, never to return.

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This prayer can be prayed for others as well as for oneself. See also some other articles on this topic:.

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Many of the great saints of God have practiced fasting and there are many good reasons for fasting - among them to know God's will and receive power in prayer. I don't have enough space here to discuss it but see my article on fasting for some guidelines. There is a lot more I could say about intercession but this is long enough already.

Ask God to teach you. Read the Scriptures. Read biographies of great intercessors - "Rees Howells -Intercessor" by Norman Grubb is one that I guarantee will inspire you. Anyway if you have any questions just e-mail me! This article may be freely reproduced for non-profit ministry purposes but may not be sold in any way.

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