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Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. Front Matter Pages i-xii. The Ethics of Betrayal. Pages The Contemporary Image of Thought. Contemporary Currents. Questioning the Radical Edge. Arts-Based Research Otherwise. Distributing the Sensible. And so it Goes on. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction A provocative book, an important book!

Theirs is an ultimate affirmation that uncovers the singularities that compose and give consistency to art not as an object, but as an event. Their betrayal consists in an affirmation of life and becoming, positing a performative 'machinics of the arts' which is in absolute contraposition with the hegemonic discourse of art and as an object of knowledge and representation. Morgan, Robert C. Hyperallergic , 7 February Riley, Erin. Hamptons Magazine , 17 July Russell, Anna.

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