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Mind Games. John Lennon. Aisumasen I'm Sorry. One Day At a Time. Bring on the Lucie Freda Peeple. Out the Blue.

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Nutopian International Anthem. Meat City. Only People. I Know I Know. You Are Here. Mind Games John Lennon. Aisumasen I'm Sorry John Lennon. Goodreads Blog Twitch Pinterest Buy this book. Aug 28, Sylvie rated it it was ok Shelves: mystery , sci-fi. Would I say that I enjoyed the book? To be honest, not really. I liked the idea of the plot but most of the time I was confused on the story's surroundings plus I wasn't a fan of the writing style. It didn't gravitate me and my feeligs towards the characters were neutral.

Feb 05, Tricia Levenseller rated it it was amazing. I love the way everything unfolded. She pulled one over on me. Aug 30, Jasmine rated it liked it Shelves: happy-ending , light-read , read-to-review , just-fine , netgalley , disappointed , ebooks-ibooks , kindle , skimming-through. Actual Rating: 3. The blurb sounded exceptionally good, and so did the overall concept of the entire story. Throughout their persistent search for the cause—or the person who was behind all this—Arden and Sebastian got to know each other better, in a purer, more natural way.

However, as the story unfolded, I found myself getting lost more easily than I did in the beginning of the book. There was a gap between what Arden and her friends were experiencing and me and the distance widened as the story continued. Thankfully, there was a lovely happy ending by the end of the book and I was quite relieved that I still enjoyed most of the story. I was eager to venture away from fantasy and take a break from it and explore some dystopian sci-fi stuff. But oh my gosh But this was so bad I saved some examples just for this review All throughout this book, you could CLEARLY tell the author was trying to channel the way teenagers are now, but let me tell you, not a single soul I know talks that way.

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Just the way they talked to each other, the things that they did? When he pops it into his mouth, he chews with extra gusto, using the full force of his teeth with every chomp. To continue on, the characters in this were just: terrible. This book really took a lot of will power to finish. Now I just need to find someone to trade this off with View all 4 comments. Ooo memory hacking sounds fun. Aug 25, Mara rated it really liked it Shelves: physical-owned , recommended-to-me.

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Overall, would not have picked this up w 3. I was under no obligation to read or review. View all 3 comments. Jan 03, Samantha Hastings rated it it was amazing. If you ever wondered what it would be like to be homecoming queen you could download the memory and experience it like it was your own. Everything is going fine until Arden realizes that her own memories have been hacked.

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Who is stealing their memories and more importantly, why? The Hivemind world where memories can be downloaded, saved, shared, and occasionally stolen. Arden and her friends attend a science school where they each create their own tech.

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Science is presented as cool. The mystery unfolds with bits and pieces of memories being played backwards. But ultimately Arden has to put all of the pieces together to figure out who is behind it. The romance is both sweet and steamy, both forgotten and remembered. No spoilers, but the end has a HUGE twist which completely surprised me. Aug 03, Shelley rated it liked it Shelves: release , arc-netgalley , young-adult-science-fiction.

Mind Games is a science fiction and mystery novel, narrating the life of Arden Varga who is a computer genius and a skilled hacker. Arden's father developed a cloud-based memory uploading app. Every memory gets backed up and synced to the brain instantly. Arden attends an invitation only High School which is sponsored by her mothers company; Vargas Industries. Arden sells memories and experiences to her classmates for their benefit by using Hivemind. Aug 19, Olivia Wildenstein rated it it was amazing. It has such a great storyline and brought up ethical questions that will come up in the not-so-distant future.

Jun 19, Emily rated it it was ok Shelves: ya-science-fiction , ya-mystery. I thought it started out as a fairly interesting thriller -- erased memories! I wanted something that was more Black Mirror and less generic-tech-thriller. I hated the romance, I hated the big reveal, and I hated the ending.

I was decidedl I thought it started out as a fairly interesting thriller -- erased memories! I was decidedly NOT into "someone's stealing our memories because they don't want us to know that we already finished our project but wouldn't tell them how to how we did it because they wanted to transfer a personality into a clone version of one of us because he died! Arden already doesn't have a problem stealing memories for cash; would she be willing to overwrite someone's personality if they paid her?

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It's likely that the justice system would be interested in rewriting criminals instead of rehabilitating them. Or people with personality disorders. Or people you find annoying.

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Instead we got Clacking stilettos? Generic hacking scenes? Similarly, there were some really great, really sinister aspects to the 3D-body-printing that were also not explored because we didn't find out about it until too late in the book. Like, what happens to all the imperfect bodies? Teddy's keeping them in a morgue under the school -- if it's a full body, is printing an imperfect body like when a baby that's incompatible with life is born and has a few agonizing moments of struggle before it dies?

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How do they bring the body to life? Would this be able to be done to a person who died in an accident?

Like, go in and fix the damage from the car crash or whatever, then "reboot" them? Or for surgery, kill them instead of relying on anesthesia, and then bring them back when you're done?