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I mean they speak publicly. They speak everywhere. Night and day they continue performing their evil acts. Hypocrites are like chameleons. They can blend in with anything. They adapt themselves to every environment. Wherever they go, they blend. When they make contact with deep states, they act like their men, if they stay with Muslims, they appear like Muslims.

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If they live with another being, they blend with them too, they can blend in with anything. Like an electromagnetic wave, it engulfs them; it commands their arms, legs, brain, every aspect. In the same verse God says, " They can only be recognized with insight from the Qur'an, foresight of faith, and guidance from the prophets. The real accomplishment does not lie in rec- ognizing the believer or unbeliever, but the hypocrite, and exposing them to the public and warning them about these sick, detrimental people who have many subordinates and protectors among the community.

With this sinister method, hypocrites can infiltrate the places satan desires to reach with ease, and once there, they can do and speak everything satan wants on its behalf. Thus, hypocrites are more advantageous in this insidious struggle against Islam. Satan may only have an affect on the minds of people, while hypocrites can physically intervene, too.

Not only do they try to influence people by whispering into their minds like satan, but also they can try to actively influence people with their way of speaking and behavior. Generally, the characteristics of unbelievers are similar to hypocrites, but they openly state that they have no faith and thus reveal their true nature. However, rec- ognizing and identifying hypocrites is difficult, because they are very sinister, two-faced impostors. They are specifically created with this evil and malignant personification.

As His Highness Abdul-Qadir Gilani explained, in order to des- ignate a hypocrite, one needs 'insight from the Qur'an, foresight of faith, and guidance from the prophets'. It means that only those Muslims with sincere faith, wisdom, foresight and insight can identify the despicable character of a hypocrite. Unbelievers are not as tricky as hypocrites.

Diseases of the Soul: Hypocrisy (Nifaq) |

In other words, the impact of unbelievers on Muslims is weak be- cause they are out in the open. And an unbeliever fights blatantly, with more honesty.

But hypocrites are very sneaky and it is quite difficult to deal with them as they hide their true nature around Muslims. Hypocrites are 'satan incar- nate', so to speak. So it is really difficult for Muslims to fight against a demon hiding among them. Thus, Muslims have to be wise and use their intellect well.

It is an essential part of our trial on earth. Almighty God also describes at length that 'hypocrites are demons in disguise cre- ated for a particular reason and scattered among people. Muslims must become quite familiar with this group of hypocrites to be able to struggle against them. Once Muslims have adequate knowledge about hypocrites, they will be able to handle them with great ease and save the Islamic world from all the troubles, sedi- tions, turmoil and bloodshed they may cause.

Because it is these hypocrites who are in fact the so-called Muslims who give instructions for the slaughter of other Muslims.

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The majority of them are hypocrites and they do as they please because Muslims are unable to designate them. And they live among Muslims.

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Actually, they can be discerned from their tones and speeches. And once Muslims are able to recognize these hypocrites, they will never respect such foul creatures and take the necessary precautions against them. They will render them ineffective with in- tellect and knowledge. On the other hand, they immediately carry out the orders of satan with great enthusiasm.

Critical Analysis: Hypocrisy in Islam

When satan induces them to cooperate with its friends, without hesitation, they contact unbelievers. In a verse, God reveals the fact that every sly whisper and sinister scheme hypocrites plan with unbelievers ac- tually originates from satan, meaning they do it 'under orders from satan': Conferring in secret is from satan, to cause grief to those who have faith; but it cannot harm them at all, unless by God's permission.

So let the believers put their trust in God. Surat al-Mujadala, 10 In another verse, God informs us that in hell, satan says: "I had no authority over you, except that I called you and you responded to me. This too shows us that 'hypocrites are actually acting under the influence and instructions of satan': When the affair is decided satan will say: 'God made you a promise, a promise of truth, and I made you a promise but broke my promise. I had no authority over you, except that I called you and you responded to me.

Do not, therefore, blame me but blame yourselves. I cannot come to your aid nor you to mine. I reject the way you associated me with God before. Surah Abraham, 22 By secretly communicating with unbelievers and banding together with them against Muslims, hypocrites think they can harm those who have faith. However, they are unaware of the infinite power and command God has over everything. In the last part of the verse above Surat al-Mujadala, 10 , God informs us that -unless by God's permission- 'hypocrites cannot harm Muslims at all. The satans", meaning hypocrites, and army of satan, "inspire their friends to dispute with you", to dispute with Muslims, to harass them, disturb them, unsettle them, to some- how drag them into suffering and pain.

See that this is in concealment. How do hyp- ocrites do this in our era? Via the Internet and telephone. It is the most effective way to do it in our century. In a verse, God reveals, "They vacillate between the two — not joining these or joining those…" Surat an-Nisa', God informs us that whichever side ac- quires the power, hypocrites side with them.

In whatever era, whoever has the power and is an unbeliever is the one that hypocrites want to serve. In the era of Pharaoh, they would serve Pharaoh, and in the era of Nimrod, they would bow to Nimrod. In other words, 'whoever is the Pharaoh of the era, whichever is the country of Pharaoh, hypocrites believe in his supremacy and side with him. Hypocrites, who really have a crude soul and a dishonorable character, 'believe that these power groups are some kind of a savior for them,' and they enter into an evil cooperation with these groups.

However, if Muslims achieve success, they gracelessly go ahead and say "Were we not with you? For their own benefit, they stealthily continue to act like Muslims for a little longer. And when they think unbelievers have taken power again, they immediately attempt to form an alliance with them.

In another verse God informs us that, "They say, 'Do we have any say in the affair at all? If they think that their personal interests lie with Muslims, they will side with them, but if they wrongly believe their interests lie with unbelievers, they im- mediately turn to team up with them. For ex- ample, if Muslims intellectually defeat unbelievers, then they abandon them, too. Hypocrites always side with the powerful. Then they shamelessly ask believers; "Were we not with you?

In the 8th verse of Surat al-Munafiqun, God in- forms: I seek refuge in God from the accursed satan, "If we return to Madina," say hypocrites. If they are to return to that city, "the mightier," look, do you see whose side they are on? The mightier. For example, deep state of the world, or any other unbeliever group. But the particular feature of that group is they are seemingly powerful and an enemy to Muslims. For example, that could be a terrorist organization.

They also mean repute, meaning the stature of the ignorant, unbelievers. That is unbeliever's vanity. And by saying, "will drive out the inferior," hypocrites imagine the mightier will destroy the Muslims.