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  3. Welcome to Southwark;

I pray that the good Spirit of the Lord Almighty dwell in your ex-fiance heart so that she has freedom and be transformed into His likeness with ever increasing glory which comes from the Lord who is the Spirit. I pray that she may be guided, strengthened, helped and uphold by the righteous and powerful right hand of God. I pray that He may restore her soul and guide her in paths of righteousness and may He teach her what is the best for her and direct the way she should go.

May He show her the path of life and fill her with joy in His presence. May He take care of her. My name is Tsholofelo Moagi-Hlohlolo, a native of South Africa,I suffered from a curved spine after i delivered my daughter.

The condition deteriorated to the extent that I could not do domestic chores. I was taken to many hospitals yet there was no solution in sight. A particular doctor even suggested that I should be confined to a wheelchair but my belief in God lingered while i hoped for the best. A friend of mine sister Helene later introduce me to Emmanuel TV after all my efforts to get medical help failed. Joshua as well as the Morning Water. On my return to South Africa, I would give the Morning Water to my children who would in turn minister it on my body.

As the ministration went on, i felt sensations on my body. My healing was almost immediate; all the debilitating pains that accompanied my curved spine gave way to the healing hand of God. Today, I am totally healed and I am fit, hale and hearty and I can do all those things that I could not do before now. But if you are outside Nigeria and you which to have the morning water from scoan today, my friend can help out for free.

May the gracious God Almighty give you success in whatever you do according to His will. May May He bless you and make you fruitful and increase your numbers. May He make you the head and not the tail, you shall be above only and not beneath. May He grant y0u abundant prosperity in every area of your life. May He satisfy your desires with good things. May He do immeasurably more than you ask or imagine according to His power. May He keep you away from all harm and watch over your life. May He take care of you. May the gracious God Almighty richly bless you and your family with all of Gods blessings.

May He meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. May He teach you what is the best for you and direct the way you should go. May He give you more than you need so that you will always have all you need for yourselves and more than enough for every good cause. May He show you the path of life and fill you with joy in His presence. May He richly provide you with everything for your enjoyment.


May you be glad and rejoice in the love of God Almighty. May He lavish you with His love. May He fulfill all His promises to you. May He fulfill all He has planned for you. May the gracious God Almighty lavish you with the riches of his grace and may He lavish you with all wisdom and understanding.

God is with us. Happy 10th birthday Emmanuel TV continue changing lives,nations and the world. May He bless you and make you fruitful and increase your numbers. May He give you peace at all times and in every way. May the gracious God Almighty satisfy your desires with good things. May He do immeasurably more than you ask or imagine, according to his power.

Glory be to God who is able to do the impossible. Happy Birthday Emmanuel tv. May the gracious Lord Almighty do immeasurably more than you ask or imagine, according to His power. May He richly bless you and your family with all of God blessings. May He show you and give you His incomparable riches of His grace expressed in His kindness to you. I pray that God should give him more grace to do more in helping us. Emmanuel God is with us. This one-day convention is a chance to reconnect with God and experience the life-changing love of Christ through scriptural talks, praise and worship, Eucharistic Adoration, and the Holy Mass.

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  • Tuesday 19th March at Wednesday 20th March at Thursday 21st March at Friendship and Shared Purpose are Key. London Quakers, Eleri Pengelly. The resources also highlight issues of economic injustice which have tangentally given rise to corruption and environmental problems.

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    It was powerful witness to fellowship and discussioj between denominations in South London, and to see this large group of Christian leaders joining together to pray, reflect, discuss and eat together at a time when unity and partnership is crucial for our city and the world we share as a society.

    During the The plot of land for this parish was granted by the Ordnance, who appointed Augustus Welby Pugin to design a parish church: now thought to be his first, although he had already built 3 Cathedrals by Marking the passing of this significant milestone in the life of the parish, Fr Michael Branch offered the following comment:. Today the Church provides a home to a multicultural world wide Catholic Community, as it continues to inspire priests and people to live faith in action for the common good.

    A fter the service a shared meal of various cuisines was enjoyed by the parishioners and guests in Pugin Place: an old school building which now serves as a community centre. All are welcome to visit. We wish both parishes well as they look forward to their next major milestones and the growth of their unique communities in Christ. Southwark's Diocesan Chancery has revised and added information to its page on this site. The Chancery forms for Marriage, Reception into full communion with the Church and the Commissioning of Extra-ordinary Ministers of the Eucharist are now available for priests and deacons to download from this page.

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    Terms and Conditions of use. Wifred McGreal O. Carm RIP. On this day we are encouraged to have a simple meal and donate the money saved to CAFOD so that people around the world can share in our abundance. We pray with Pope Francis that the breath of the Holy Spirit will engender a new missionary 'spring' in the Church. Empower us by the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be courageous and zealous in bearing witness to the Gospel, so that the mission entrusted to the Church, which is still very far from completion, may find new and efficacious expressions that bring life and light to the world.

    October The Extraordinary Month of Mission. Apostleship of the Sea. Going to University can be daunting, especially for those who are leaving home for the first time and especially if you are new to London. They are there to lend a ear if you want to talk and offer a friendly face in what may initially seem to be a sea of strangers. There are also lots of opportunities to get involved with the chaplaincy: whether it is coming together for Mass or sharing some pizza, all students are welcome!

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    Pope Francis has issued a range of videos to highlight the importance of understanding the needs of people who are on the peripheries. They may includes migrants, refugees or even people on the edge of society such as vicitms of human trafficking or those who are displaced for any number of reasons. The Santa Marta Group with the help of Bishop Pat and Fr Mark Odion, have initiated four different projects in the Archdiocese of Southwark aimed at raising awareness of the causes of human slavery, introducing authentic measures to preventing risks. Dowload a full-size poster here.

    You can read Pope Francis letter to mark the World Day of Migrants and Refugees here, in which he warns us about indifference to others and our increasingly 'throw away' society. You can also learn more about the key work of the Vatican in this area by visiting the Migrants and Refugees website. Christian Unity: exploring common ground.

    Pastor Uche Favour’s Prayer Book for your Everyday Needs

    Lawrence Cemetery. On a birthday you always give presents to someone. In this case she gave me a present, she gave me the present of life. On September 10th, , God surprised the Loreto sister during a train ride to Darjeeling with a call to 'quench his thirst for souls'.

    see He asked her to leave her convent, where she taught, in order to start a new religious order. Initially her Order of Sisters would care for the poorest of the poor living on the streets of Calcutta. They would demonstrate divine love to those who had been abandoned by the world through their care and in this way bring souls to Jesus. Today, her Sisters, Brothers and lay co-workers bring Jesus to others on a daily basis all over the world, including here in Southwark, and continue to satiate Our Lord's thirst for souls, as expressed on the cross.