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Joined: 20 Oct Posts: 6, Location: Sydney. Hix , 14 Mar Joined: 27 Oct Posts: 3, Location: Europe. I have seen both puku and red lechwe in Chobe and puku is quite a bit duller than the lechwe, but I do not think that is the reason. It probably has to do with the fact that Zambia is not connected to the sea, so transports are kindof more difficult, but I do not know if that is the real reason.

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But is seems no coincidence to me that there are also no thornicroft giraffe and crawshay zebra in captivity. The only Zambian speciality I can think of in captivity are the kafue flats lechwes A highway in Africa, now that would be funny Kafue lechwe are doing pretty well in Europe, they are relatively common, I think with over 50 different institutions keeping them I cannot load zootierliste here, or I could but it would take veeeery long. OK Lintworm, then I'll do it for you : www. So I did some further research regarding Puku Kobus vardonii in captivity, and from what I found on www.

UngulateNerd92 , 18 Mar Joined: 19 Dec Posts: 1, Location: Everywhere at once. I read that Hannover zoo during that time was connected to a company trading wild animals to zoos. Many rarities were exhibited short time before being sold elsewhere. It might be hat these Pukus also went somewhere. Jurek7 , 18 Mar Joined: 7 Oct Posts: Location: uk. Weigl lists only one puku in his work on mammal longevity and that was one of those in Hannover.

Its longevity is listed as 3 yrs after which it was transferred so its true life-span is unknown. We were very fortunate to watch Chiphadzuwa make her first recorded kill, as she brought down a young Puku. I hope that this is a lesson learnt and she will stash her next kill up a tree away from thieving lions. An hour later we watched the Mwamba pride try, unsuccessfully, to kill a buffalo but the beasts bravely fought back. There was a lot of chasing, noise and jostling.


Things seemed to settle down and I thought the excitement was over…but I was wrong! When the dust finally settled I discovered there was not one but two prides of lion after the same herd of buffalo and as the buffalo disappeared they were left standing face to face. Yes, 7 members of the Hollywood pride had arrived on the scene.

They calmly separated and each pride headed off in the opposite direction vanishing into the darkness without looking back.

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Despite being extremely territorial and the desperation for survival strong in both prides, there top predators peacefully ironed out their territorial conflict. I think our politicians and the human race in general can learn a thing or two about conflict resolution…Hats off! Vultures are the primary culprits in revealing the whereabouts of carcasses to scavengers, because Lions and Hyaenas watch the movements of Vultures in the skies above. After they had consumed most of the meat, approximately nineteen Hyaenas arrived and drove them off the sparse leftovers.

He stayed and fed for a while before noticing the pride under the sweetly-scented trees, whereupon he immediately left his meal and charged the pride. The young males fled, tails between their legs as the old male singled them out for his attentions. One of them ran so far and so fast he only reunited with the pride three days later!

The adult male then returned to his meal but stopped short as he noticed a young Lioness ensconced in the shade. She signaled that she was receptive to his attentions by flicking her tail up, down and all over the place, but when he advanced upon her she moved away, enticingly always just beyond his reach. Isolated as he was, he sat and ate to his elegant sufficiency over three days, unmolested by Hyaenas and other Lions.

It’s Monday 2nd and Nsefu excels.

Sylvester and the Marshall family were first to reach the kill moments after it had occurred. The guides and guests were chomping at the bit to get out and view the action and none could wait for the appearance of the sun; Andrew and the Jones family took pole position and were first out to view the spectacle. The same Hyaenas had again driven the Lions from the carcass and were busy extracting every last scrap from it.

The Lions had surrendered completely and moved away to sit under some Mahoganies as they digested their second massive meal in five days. Suddenly the same big adult male Lion charged upon the scene again, and again scattered the giggling Hyaenas all over the grove.

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He fed contentedly for a few minutes until another, younger male Lion crested the banks and advanced on the carcass. The older male was having none of this and flew at him; he turned tail and fled, closely followed by the male who had now abandoned the kill to the Hyaenas. The chase lasted for approximately one-and-a-half kilometres, before the younger male stopped, panting and turned to face his adversary, abruptly sitting. The older male loped into the clearing,. He managed to hang on to his prey despite numerous attempts by them to get at him.

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Eventually the Lions followed the shade cast by the tree and moved far enough away, allowing the Leopard to descend and sprint away with his hard-earned meal. The watching guide and his guests were horrified when, during the bloody feeding, the Warthog began to thrash and squeal. The Lioness feeding closer to his head, placed a massive paw on him to stop the threshing and continued to feed. The video is available on to be viewed as a blog, on our YouTube site and on our Facebook site.

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Without the two dominant males to assist them in the hunt for Buffalo, the Hollywoods are known for subsisting on smaller game, but as one can see from the picture below, even an adult female Puku does not bring enough to the table for this many Lions:. Other lucky guests were also incredibly fortunate to watch a pair of White-tailed Mongooses frolicking and then mating out in the open! And at Mwamba Bushcamp the honey badgers are continuing to give us headaches with their nightly raids into the kitchen.

But every night without fail, they will attempt to climb up the walls of the cage or even attempt to dig down and under the iron mesh encasing the kitchen to gain access. When they fail, a rare occurrence, they flip our garbage cans over and litter the kitchen, which we believe is purely out of spite! They have even made the bar chest-fridge a target, flipping it open and drinking all of the fruit juices. Then there was the lonesome Lioness calling endlessly and without answer, discovered by Meyam and his guests, sitting forlornly near Acacia Grove.

The log housing the nest, was an island in the middle of an arm of the Luangwa river, ensuring that the babies were safe from Genets and Civets. Its that time of year again and voting has opened for the Safari of the year awards.