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From Wikipedia. At the head of his bands, he acquired considerable riches from collecting ransoms and spoils.

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Blackmailers and people demanding ransoms are often heard in movies to ask for a sum of money in used notes. Wealthy investors and the state underwrote expeditions called tropas de resgate to purchase, or ' ransom ', captives taken in tribal wars, thereby 'rescuing ' them from cannibalism.

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From Cambridge English Corpus. Despite the efforts of middlemen and charities to raise money to provide ransoms, they were still very difficult to come by. Meanwhile, most of the now independent princes began raising levies and warring with each other, or demanding ransoms from each other on threat of force. Ransom's debut season was his most successful, claiming 54 wickets at a bowling average of There was a day period for the payment of ransoms. The ransoms he had to collect when he was captured contributed to the ruin of his home.

In both incidents, ransoms were paid and the freighter was released.

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See all examples of ransom. Translations of ransom in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator? Translator tool. What is the pronunciation of ransom? Browse ranks.

Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes. Image credits. Word of the Day asterisk. Read More. The gangster who kidnapped him would be arrested and executed in Wealthy Argentine grain traders and brothers Jorge and Juan Born were kidnapped by the far-left terrorist group Montonerros.

We're not counting pre-modern ransoms due to limited records and various complications, but we had to mention King Richard the Lionheart. King Richard was sailing back from the Crusades when bad weather forced him to land in unfriendly territory at Corfu. Richard and his men disguised as Knights Templar and made their way back to central Europe. But while passing through Vienna he was identified either by his expensive ring or his insistence on eating roast chicken and captured by the unfriendly Leopold V, Duke of Austria.

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In Defense of the Authenticity of 1 John A review. Various texts copyrighted by their authors. Please feel free to link to pages on this site, but do not copy articles without authors' permission. Toggle navigation AV Deliver him from going down to the pit; I have found a ransom. The ransomed of the Lord shall return.