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Portland has always been kinda weird…

Revel In is a timeless piece of collectable printed matter to decorate bookshelves and coffee tables.

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MENU: home work about news contact. Through strategy and design we strengthened Westwood One's position as a leading radio brand and generated new business through cultural activations. For years our creative strategy and campaigns elevated the reputation as a modern design brand using ancient techniques. A four-day festival bringing together the creative vanguard to advance the culture of audio. She is moving asap. The same went for me. I got used to it, but I could only think of them as being backwater and having a small-town mentality. Most women I dated who were from Portland were so quiet it was like talking to a wall.

I got used to it and became quiet myself. Because of this hormone deficiency, there is greater depression and stress.

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As women with more estrogen are happier, smarter, and less stressed, and the same goes for men with higher testosterone. The reason why you see so much complaining and so much feminism is partly due to a hormonal imbalance imo. The women I found success with were almost always from outside Oregon. She was not happy about it.

The Racism Many people have talked about the racism here. The backpack was a filson backpack which I purchased in the pearl district.

Two white, one Persian-American. That literally shocked me. One of the girls said her bag was stolen. Anytime I walked hand-in-hand with a white girl, or any attractive woman, I would get all kinds of looks, especially from the old white people, of which there are so many of in Portland. This city has a lot of old people, and middle aged people with children. They invite homeless people to live in Portland. This has a negative influence on everyone else.


There are more and more blocks downtown that smell like urine and which have tents on them. Homeless people and druggies hang out at Starbucks and at Powells bookstore. There is no comparison. Thank you so much for this. How about when white liberal people report to authorities? This happens all the time. I have been attacked verbally, threatened to lose my employment position, and my academic position in a program.

Always toyed by white savior liberals. Always emotionally fighting. Entitled white bearded bicyclists have verbally attacked me. Micro-aggression comments everyday like no big deal because nobody is correcting these white saviors.

They be watching, and that is all Portland will ever do. They will document on their phones acting like they did something for social justice.

I am so done with this passive aggressive city. I am so tired of the boring people at music shows where everyone stands and sits still so very quietly. There is no soul, no movement and everyone is mostly white with no idea how the rest of the world works. Not everyone is invited to the community dinner unless you dress the part, share the same values, and smile, because everyone is okay. The only fun part of this city are the strippers who rock my world.

Suck my tits, Portland. So I am waiting for my friend to ride home on the max with me.

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His friend pulled up. My friend approached the car on the passenger side and to say whats up. During this time he spilled some of his ice cream, he goes back to clean it up. My friend finaly gives in amd provides thos profiling bully with his ID amd is still subsequently arrested. No arrest warrant, no illegal possessions just kidnapped for standing up for his rights. Surley thos will not ever see a court room. If you agree please call the Sargent in charge of the east side precinct and let him know that what happened to Michel Ogle was unconstitutional and morraly deplorable.

Anybody else been here so long they get weirded out when someone says or does something nice? Yesterday, someone made the mistake of asking me how I like Portland. Bottom line…people in Oregon are weaklings. I could go on and on, but this is the way of Portlanders. Would telling someone, who is friendly enough to ask you how you like Portland, be considered unfriendly? This is a real question. Absolutely sickeningly disgusting how the people act here.

Mocking a homeless people for not having food. And yeah, the other day someone complimented my shoes and I literally was about to fight them. Of course I apologized profusely and we ended up having a nice chat of course, they werent a native Portlander.

“an amazing series.”

God help me get out of this horrific city before it gets even worse. The longer you stay in this place the more it steals your soul. NW neighborhood is pretty much an outdoor mall for rich white teenagers to humiliate homeless and those with addiction issues. If this sounds cold or heartless, you most likely lack experience with these issues of personal responsibility.

I am a recovering addict who has been homeless. Having direct experience here, I also have compassion for people experiencing addiction and or homelessness. I appreciate your thoughtful comments. You do not have to pity a person or feel guilt for their situation to understand the outcome of public humiliation on already nonexistent self esteem. You should however, be expected to learn what respecting human beings actually means to become an adult. Another heartless Portland comment.

On the surface, it is a stupid show about unlikable people.