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Most of them, but not all, are outside. I was lucky enough to have a big maple tree in the backyard of the house where I grew up. It was so big that I could climb up to the first huge branch and be almost comfortable in the nook where it met the tree trunk. In the summertime, the sunlight coming through the green leaves made a perfect light. It was also much easier to escape into the world of the book from a place like that—removed from everyday existence.

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In the wintertime, I used to like to hunker down and read next to the heat vent in my bedroom. The lawyer would probably want me to say that you should have a licensed electrician to help. I can promise you that on a snowy day, getting comfortable in a warm corner with a book about a trip to outer space, is one of the best ways to pass an afternoon. Of course it I was being advised by a doctor as well as a lawyer, the doctor would tell me to say something about the importance of physical exercise and going out to play in the snow.

It's a bit complex for the younger readers so I'd say it's for the older end of the MG range.

And definitely it could carry over to any type of prejudice. By Kelli NashThis was a sweet story! It is very much a middle grade book, appropriate for ages 10 and up. I found it to be a little too young for my personal taste, but it was still a great read.

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Tess and her sister are staying with her grandparents at their lake house. They are competing to win her grandmother's tiara, won at a beauty pageant. The girls do chores around the house to earn "helpful points.

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Upon rowing around the lake, Tess spies something very mysterious going on at the neighbor's house. She sees a figure dressed in a burkabut she doesn't know what a burka is and thinks it is a criminal disguiseand sets off to figure out what's going on. Her misapprehensions land her into a world of trouble, and actually bring some trouble down on the neighbors too.

Tess, Terrorists and the Tiara had a great message about acceptance of people who are different.

Not only the burka-wearing neighbors, but also people with disabilities and people with Alzheimer's. I liked how Baldwin weaves this positive message into a fast-paced, age-appropriate story. Overall, I would recommend this book to a middle-grade audience.

It's definitely something I would let my daughter read when she is old enough. It was too young for me personally, but still a great book.

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Fifty years ago, Tess's grandmother became the last winner of the Miss Land of the Free pageant. Today, Grandma's health is declining due to Alzheimer's. Deciding to make the most of her remaining years of cognizance, Grandma decides to give her diamond tiara - the one she was crowned with - to her granddaughter. I wasn't expecting that so I had to adjust my expectations a little bit before reading. I'd say it's a younger MG book.

Guest Post & Giveaway: Tess, Terrorists and the Tiara by Terry Baldwin

I think it's a very charming read. I haven't read children's books for a long time so I enjoyed putting myself back there. I could relate with Tess a lot. She reminded me of myself when I was a kid- full of hopes and dreams, imaginative and uh, absent minded. My mom would tell you not a lot has changed. Tess made mistakes but she always meant well. The plot was very easy to follow and amusing. One of my favourite things about the story was how fast every scene moved. The story felt very complete and it was done in a little over a hundred pages. This was not a boring read at all.

I was able to finish it pretty much in one sitting. The setting is very clear and I like the simplicity of the descriptions. What's interesting about this novel is that it speaks about important issues like discrimination but in a clear way. I've been lucky enough to be raised within a multicultural household and go to the most diverse high school in the region.

I don't consider myself a discriminatory or racist person because I have so many experiences with different types of people.

Guest Post & Giveaway: Tess, Terrorists and the Tiara by Terry Baldwin

Tess is in a different situation. She seems to come from a white background and neither she or her family has much experience with diversity.

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  6. However, she learns and I really liked that part of the story. Overall, I think this is a pretty good children's story. I'll probably give it to my sister once she's a little bit older and can read better. I like the message and Tess is a great role model. What I don't like is the that Tess is supposed to be 13 but doesn't act like it at all.

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    I thought she was based on the way she acted and her thought process. I can't star-rate the book because this isn't my genre so I don't have very many comparables. For what it's worth, I did enjoy it. Jun 28, Laura rated it liked it.