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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Havermale Goodreads Author. Over years ago Roald Amundsen on March 7, announced his success in reaching the Geographic South Pole to the world. The difficulties encountered in the constru Over years ago Roald Amundsen on March 7, announced his success in reaching the Geographic South Pole to the world. The difficulties encountered in the construction of the station were monumental; enduring temperatures reaching 45 degrees below zero with wind chill factors reaching 80 below.

This station was comprised of a 52 foot high geodesic dome, weather balloon launch station and an observation tower for monitoring auroral phenomena. This Battalion was on the ICE for almost five months and worked around the clock to complete the project. This was an amazing fact when you consider that most of the construction was completed in freezing temperatures at a high altitude; for the South Pole is nearly two miles high by construction engineers less than 20 years old.

The physical and mental stresses of working in this "frozen desert" took its tolls on these young men. This story chronicles the authors experience in this hostile environment, with bawdy engineers; humorous antics; hard drinking and temporary insanities and the authors faith journey amid the beautify and grandeur of the earth's last frontier: Antarctica.

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Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. Although the aim of resource conservation remains unchanged, which is good, I am deeply saddened by the absence of the economic and social significance epitomised by our karung guni men and women. A rag-and-bone man. They use these pieces of tin instead of money. Conversion of imperial standard units to metric system units. The values expressed in terms of.. Schedule C.. The smallest one..

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Of a person: short. A lowland vegetable, the plant produces dense clumps of long, grass-like leaves about 5 mm wide, flat and solid. The young leaves are erect but the mature leaves bend gracefully down. The blades of the leaves are not folded lengthwise as are those of garlic and leek. Chives may be cultivated for its flowers which are plucked together with the stalks before the buds emerging from the sheath, or grown for its edible leaves which have a special flavour considered fragrant by some people. Both leaves and flowering culms are eaten as vegetables, the latter being one of the most expensive vegetables sold.

The slender garlic chive kow choi from an oriental supermarket would be even better. The small, red fruit of the Chinese boxthorn or Chinese wolfberry Lycium chinense , often dried, which is used in Chinese dishes and soups and in traditional Chinese medicine; goji berry. Solanaceae Chinese boxthorn.. This shrub..

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Locally, the plant is imported from Cameron Highlands and is seldom found on sale except at the right season. The small dried red berries sold as a tonic in medical halls are very rich in carotene and are, [ sic ] thus good for the eyes. This shrub has long, recurved, thorny branches. Leaves are dark green, ovate, about 3 cm long. The soft slightly bitter leaves are cooked with pork or used in soups. Name of a sweetmeat; Ht. Bugis [ Silasilah Melayu dan Bugis Singapore, a. A sauce, usu.

This Weekend , 22 June, 11 Housewives had learnt to improvise by stirring eggs, coconut cream, sugar and pandan leaves vigorously over a well-controlled flame to form.. Hainanese and Thai renditions of kaya are stirred over low, steady heat until the mixture thickens to a glossy paste. Nonya cooks also do this in a double boiler, but also typically go on to steam the kaya undisturbed over low heat for another couple of hours at least, until it sets to a sliceable firmness. R had made various versions of the egg jam. They came in different hues, some were smooth and runny, others smooth and thick, yet others, a little lumpy.

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  5. Someone who got a green-coloured kaya baulked, saying that brown was the only way to go. The spread is made with simple ingredients — eggs, sugar, coconut cream and pandan, but who knew these four ingredients could be combined in so many ways to please so many people? No efforts are spared in creating the all-too-familiar coffee-shop atmosphere. Brown bread is made with ingredients imported from Singapore. It is toasted carefully over charcoal until it turns a crispy shade of black, before a generous spread of green kaya paste is added. Coffee or tea is placed in a porcelain cup upon a saucer, while the toast is placed on a little red plate with a tiny metal fork next to it.

    For undergraduate Hwang En Bi, 22, it was a novelty to pour out the half-boiled egg onto the saucer, add a tinge of dark soya sauce and pepper before stirring the contents. Nosy, prying. Needless to say, I was delighted to discover that Singaporean football fans also share the piss-taking wit of the terraces. How can he red-card Zidane like that? But in recent years, and particularly since the Malaysia Cup era, the word kayu has taken on negative connotations. Ke belakang pusing. Civilian use: Running away or escaping from a situation.

    Example: When I discovered the girl I was dating was a control freak, I ke belakang pusing immediately. It is either made entirely of rice and eaten with golden syrup or honey , or stuffed with a sweet filling such as Lin Yoong lotus seed paste , Red Bean paste, etc. In the Asian kitchen, alkaline water has few and specific uses. The characteristic springiness of Hong Kong-style mee is due to gan sui, which is added to noodle dough to firm up its texture, and give it a yellow tint.

    It does the same for glutinous rice in kee chang yellow alkaline glutinous rice dumplings.. Dennys see quot. The Chinese word kelang has also passed into the vernacular. These consist of rattan screens arranged in such a way that the fish are driven into its enclosures, from which they cannot escape. Each enclosure is arrow-shaped, the last being the narrowest. Cheating, fraud, unfair dealing, spec. Malay word to describe a hut on stilts in the sea used by fishermen. Generally refers to cheating or corruption in a game.

    The analogy goes that just as fish escape a broken net, so will a bribed goalkeeper concede goals. Confirm kelong one! Tune in to RTM This started happening just three days before the start of the World Cup last night. They felt they were being robbed of watching World Cup matches for free. The price of kelong?

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