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I shall put it right. So when he walked into a draper's shop and the door-bell rang, the girl there was most alarmed to hear a voice and to see nobody! Pink-Whistle, remembering that he couldn't be seen. At once he came back again, and his fat little body, big ears, and green eyes appeared in front of the surprised girl.

Please show me the children's clothes you have. Pink-Whistle's kind red face, and knew that he couldn't harm anyone. She took down some boxes and drew open some drawers. In a little while she and Mr. Pink-Whistle were talking about what would be best for Teddy, Eliza, Harry, and Bonny to wear at the school party.

They chose new vests, warm and white. They chose. Pink-Whistle chose a green jersey for Harry and a red one for Teddy. Pink-Whistle had told her all about poor Mrs. Spink, and she was feeling quite excited to think of the surprise that this funny little secret man was planning. Did those get spoilt too? Spink didn't wash the. I'd better have four pairs, I think. The girl did everything up in a big parcel and gave it to Mr. Pink- Whistle. They beamed at one another, pleased to think of the secret they both shared. Pink-Whistle paid for the things. Then he said good-bye and went.

He ran straight back to Mrs.

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He nearly forgot to make himself disappear, but just remembered in time. Then he opened the door and marched in, unseen by anyone. Spink was still upstairs with her children. She didn't know anything about the sooty clothes downstairs yet. Pink- Whistle looked round the black kitchen and frowned. What about the next room?

Spink kept all the clothes of the family, and all the sheets and towels. Pink-Whistle tiptoed to it and pulled the drawers open.


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The top one and the bottom one were empty. So Mr. They looked lovely. Pink-Whistle felt very happy as he packed them in. Spink ran down the stairs to the kitchen. When she saw the sooty clothes and the black kitchen, she gave a cry of horror. And then, because she was so tired, she sat down on a sooty chair and began to weep.

I'm too tired to do it again —but what will the poor children say if they've no clean clothes to wear at the party to-morrow? Oh dear!

Things are very hard! Pink-Whistle watched them from the other room. Would they be angry? Would they be sulky—or very, very sad? When they saw what had happened, they were full of dismay and horror, for they knew that their poor mother had already washed the clothes three times, They flung their arms round her and hugged her.

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Pink-Whistle to himself, feeling for his handkerchief again. Pink-Whistle in a loud whisper. The children heard it, and looked surprised. Pink-Whistle thought it was time that they saw what he had done for them, and he pulled open the top drawer and rattled it a little.

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Spink in surprise. They didn't see Mr. Pink-Whistle, of course, because he was invisible, but they bumped into him without knowing it!

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Spink, catching sight of. She went to shut it—and then she stared—and stared— and stared! And new shoes too! Good gracious! Where did they come from?


How they squealed and shrieked when they saw they blue silk frocks and ribbons to match 1 In a trice the four children dressed themselves. Pink-Whistle had guessed they sizes exactly. They all looked as sweet as could be, and if Mr. Pink-Whistle had been they father he couldn't have felt prouder of them all. Spink, thinking she must be in a lovely dream. Pink-Whistle suddenly, " because I'm going to appear. One, two, three—and here I am! All five looked at him in astonishment. I can't bear it! It's not fair! So I'm just taking a little holiday to put some of the things right.

And I was so upset about your having to wash those clothes so often that I felt I must go and buy some new ones. I do hope you don't mind. It was the first time Mr. Pink-Whistle had ever been hugged and he thought it was lovely.