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I like the Kara Gillian series, but I could have done without a whole book to tell me the very little I learned in this book. This review reflects only this book in this series.

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What was your reaction to the ending? No spoilers please! I don't know if I'll continue the series. Based on the ending of this book the next could be more of the same setting and it's the cop dynamic in Kara that I really like, so I'm not interested in reading more about the demon realm. How does this one compare? Liv Anderson gives a wonderful performance.

Any additional comments? This book was a surprise to me, and I know from browsing other reviews that a lot of people were disappointed by it. However, that disappointment seems to stem from the shift in setting, and less from a change in the ability of the author. First, the setting of this book is like a classic fantasy novel, with little to no relation to the settings of the previous novels urban fantasy vs high fantasy.

If you hold extreme dislike for high fantasy, you may not like this book. Second, as with most high fantasy novels, there is a lot of world building, which accounts for the length of this novel. It is more than twice the length of the previous books. Third, a lot of character development takes place in this book. Characters make choices that have a permanent effect on their place in Kara's life, as well as affecting her behavior and feelings. Many of these changes are negative, and a lot of people appear to dislike the betrayals, newfound friends, etc. Fourth, there is only an abstract mystery versus the normal "examine the clues to catch the killer.

Normally, I would not enjoy a book like this. However, the characters are what make the books so awesome for me, and it is why I spent all of my free time enjoying this audiobook. Rowland does not lose her touch with the realistic portrayal of emotional reaction, and she never forgets to question things in the right places or address sticky situations. Despite all of the world building, there is still a lot of time devoted to dialogue, and the plot is never allowed to grow stale or stagnate. I felt what Kara felt, and it is why I loved this book.

As always, the narrator is excellent.

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In fact, if I read this book instead of listened to it, I may have had more trouble with the transition from urban to high fantasy. If you're on the fence about this one, I recommend trying it out. You can always return it if it's not for you! What did you love best about Touch of the Demon? This novel reads like a woodchipper on jet fuel. Battle, betrayal, torture, plot twists, sex, suspense, it's all in here. What other book might you compare Touch of the Demon to and why? I would only compare this book to the first four in this unique and remarkable series.

Readers should start with Mark of the Demon, and walk with Kara Gillian on her fraught path. Pitch perfect performance, not a word or a nuance out of place to interfere with our enjoyment of the story. Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?


If I had to sum up my reaction to this book, it would be one word: Impressed. It made me want to reread the series from the beginning to track the clues that Ms. Rowland planted and which bloomed into one big gaudy demon jungle in this one. I understand that this series has nine books planned. Brava, Diana Rowland. What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

Nothing I got frustrated listening to the book. I really hate how whiney and bitchy the main character became and I stopped listening. Would you ever listen to anything by Diana Rowland again? Probably not. I didn't finish listening to it and returned the next book in the series.

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It is a well written book but I like to go in order. This was the last book in the series so, going back will be a hassle but I will. Diana, has proven that she can write and create a world different from the belief systems of the masses and make them believable. The characters are firmly steeped in habits that make there characters real. Sometimes I listen and yell at the characters stupidity just to catch myself the instant later by gawkers. Its funny.

My first book came out last year and I had a similar lead character. So, yep, I can relate. I would say she has morphed into a hybrid of a typical UF heroine. Gone is all that made her different. View all 8 comments. Oct 27, Felicia rated it it was amazing. I mean This is an amaze-balls followup to the last 4 books. The last 4 were really good urban fantasy with procedural stuff, but this book throws that formula into demon-town and is even more interesting for it. If you like the series you gotta read this, and if you haven't read the series start in, because this series is top-notch in the genre.

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Gritty and d I mean Gritty and dark, this is really good reading! View all 12 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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To view it, click here. So forgive me, because this is not going to be a proper review. Plain and simple. You've been warned. Those are the feelings I have for this book. Even the ones I gave up becaus 1. Even the ones I gave up because I can't remember giving any of those books below 2-stars.

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BUT, it must be done. I can't even force myself clicking the 2-stars my standard rating for books I dislike. Oh, book, how I hate thee? Instead, this book is switched into high fantasy in the demon realm. Do I care about the castles, the courtyards, the sigils, the grove, etc, etc. Do I care about all those demons with hard-to-pronounce names? Do I care about the ryeza , the syraza , the faas , or whatever bloody level of demons they are?!

So yeah, I know that Kara has the seed of being horny woman she did have sex immediately with Rhyzkahl the first time she summoned him So Mzatal tortures her, she runs away to Rhyzkahl and have sex with him Yep, that is what Kara is thinking, and I quote " I wanted to have sex not watch lords , Chapter 13" , then Rhyzkahl betrays her, and she goes back to Mzatal. Let's have fight because Rhyzkahl is evil. OOOh, we win!!

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