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    The protesters often shut down streets in La Paz, specifically the area surrounding the Plaza Murillo, and install blockades along major inter-city travel routes. If you are traveling between cities by bus, it can be common for the trip to be stalled by several hours due to these protests. Sometimes pickets of miners last several days between bigger cities and there are just no buses leaving in some directions. Bolivia has a greater percentage of Native people than any other country in the Americas. They are mostly Quechua and Aymara people the Spaniards wiped out the Incan aristocracy when they conquered the Andes.

    You may have seen Quechua people in your city selling colorful shawls and sweaters or heard a Quechua ensemble playing traditional music. But while many Andeans have to go abroad to seek a better life, more of them are still here, and their culture continues to live.


    Bolivia's climate remains relatively similar from one climatic zone to another. It ranges from humid and tropical to slightly humid and tropical. In most parts of the country winters are dry and summers are somewhat wet. Despite its tropical latitude, the altitude of cities like La Paz keeps things cool, and warm clothing is advised during the months of April and May. The summer months in Bolivia are November through March.

    The weather is typically warmer and wetter during these months. April through October, the winter months, are typically colder and drier. When the holiday falls on a Sunday, sometimes the holiday is moved to the following Monday. There are also departmental holidays. Beyond these holidays, election days in Bolivia are a big deal. Most places will be closed on election day, and there are very few cars on the road, but you can find lively street festivals selling food and drinks.

    Especially relevant for some travellers, alcohol cannot be sold on election day or the day before.

    Most people who do need tourist visas can obtain them on arrival, except for the following nationalities:. All business travellers and persons wishing to stay longer than 90 days in a year must obtain a visa in advance. Unless you are under the age of 1, you will need a yellow fever vaccination certificate to apply for a visa. US citizens sometimes have success getting a tourist visa on arrival, but if you attempt this, make sure you have all the necessary documents, especially if arriving by land: a visa application form, a color copy of your passport, a copy of yellow fever vaccination apparently only necessary if you are planning to visit yellow fever endemic zones , a copy of an itinerary leaving Bolivia, evidence of economic solvency, a hotel reservation or written invitation, and a 4 cm x 4 cm or "passport sized" photo.

    Any old, marked, or damaged bills will not be accepted. If you're a dual citizen, don't count on being able to change passports at the border to avoid the visa fee. The famous tarjeta de migracion a small card with your personal info given to you at entry and taken from you at exit is getting replaced by an electronic version tarjeta electronica. Even if later exiting by land, there should be no problem leaving the country without the tarjeta.

    There are some reports of briberies when exiting at the land borders for overstays, travelling without tarjeta etc. It is common for tourists to travel through a land border at the north-east of Chile and South-West of Bolivia. Bolivia has many land border with its surrounding countries, checkout the border crossings in the following:. The main airports are in La Paz to the western side of the country and in Santa Cruz to the east.

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    On the other side, Santa Cruz with a warmer weather could become a good location for doing business visit other alternatives in tourism like the Misiones, the Noel Kempff Mercado National Park or visit the eastern cities. There are also some foreign consulates in Santa Cruz. The cities in the south and central Bolivia, like Cochabamba , Tarija and Sucre also offer a very rich experience; there are several ways to get to these cities from La Paz or Santa Cruz.

    It is also now possible to fly between Cusco and La Paz with Amaszonas and Peruvian Airlines, making circular itineraries possible where you enter Bolivia from Peru across Lake Titicaca and then fly back into Peru. Once you have your international flight booked - it's far easier and cheaper to organize your internal flights from the point of departure. Many discontinued passenger services appear to have been restarted. Check the FCA website for details. However, most major routes between major cities e. A 4x4 is strongly encouraged when traveling off the flatter altiplano.

    Be aware that in mountainous regions traffic sometimes switches sides of the road. This is to ensure the driver has a better view of the dangerous drops. An international driver's license is required but most times EU or US driver's licenses will be accepted. There are frequent police controls on the road and tolls to be paid for road use. There are many options for traveling from Argentina to Bolivia by bus. There are sites to check times online but as always in Bolivia, it pays to check on the ground in advance as well.

    There is a bus that runs from Juliaca and Puno in Peru to Copacabana. Also, more commercial touristy Peruvian bus services connect from Peru to La Paz. Bus transportation in Bolivia is a nice cheap way to get to see the beautiful scenery while traveling to your destination. Unfortunately the buses often travel solely at night. Keep in mind that roads are occasionally blocked due to protests, often for several days. So ask several companies at the terminal if you hear about blockades, unless you are willing to spend a few days sleeping on the bus. Bus travel is usually pretty cheap.

    Prices do change based on supply and demand.

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    Buses generally do not need to be booked ahead, especially for common distances served by many companies. There are great bargains in it for you the shorter you book ahead. However, as always, shop around and do not go with the first vendor that intercepts you when you arrive at the bus terminal. Hawkers are constantly crying out destinations in the bigger bus stations cajoling potential riders to take their bus line.

    If you need to buy a ticket in advance, a good website is: Tickets Bolivia. Note, that by bus travel anything of the following is meant, which falls into the same category but obviously differs in price and duration: bus national , minibus regional , servis regional van , micro city bus , trufi city micro bus with fixed route , and colectivo city taxis with fixed route and price.

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    • Buses should be a little cheaper than minibuses, but buses usually cover larger distances.